The price of botheration
By Cosmo Shield - 12 September 13:00

Observations on whistle-blowing

Nigella and the myth of the new housewife
By Viv Groskop - 05 September 13:00

Are women all over Britain giving up their careers for a more fulfilling, fragrant life at home? Don

A tale of two nephews
By Jad Adams - 29 August 13:00

Observations on debt

Does Mr Big really know what we want to read?
By Nick Cohen - 22 August 13:00

The literati's favourite bookshop is going downmarket. But if supermarkets can sell Harry Potter che

Treasure hunt
By Dan Rosenheck - 08 August 13:00

Freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything

Steven D Levitt and Stephen

NS Essay - 'As oil ceases to be cheap and reserves start to deplete, we will be left with an enormous surplus population that the earth will not support'
By James Howard Kunstler - 01 August 13:00

Somehow we have persuaded ourselves that fossil fuels will never run out. But they will, and much so

Diminishing returns
By John Gray - 25 July 13:00

Twilight in the Desert: the coming Saudi oil shock and the world economy

Matthew R Simmons <em>Wi

The business - Patrick Hosking sees a spectre return
By Patrick Hosking - 25 July 13:00

The consensus among economists is that we have reached the turning point with unemployment - and the

A long, hot summer

End of term report: A turbulent year - Iraq, bombs, the election, leadership acrimony and much more

NS interview - Ed Mayo
By Ellie Levenson - 18 July 13:00

Jamie Oliver is a candidate for sainthood, says the chief executive of the National Consumer Council

Where Marxists have MBAs
By Aditya Chakrabortty - 18 July 13:00

Observations on Calcutta

Look who's talking
By Michela Wrong - 11 July 13:00

G8 quiz - Some of these quotations about Africa are from Africans and some are not. Can you spot the

Real people power, or pernicious platitudes?
By Bianca Jagger - 11 July 13:00

G8: Bono and Geldof slept with the enemy and betrayed the cause

The business - Patrick Hosking finds £4m insufficient
By Patrick Hosking - 11 July 13:00

Citigroup was fined for failing to conduct its business with due skill and care. After its profits w

Real people power, or pernicious platitudes?
By Zoe Williams - 11 July 13:00

G8: I've changed my mind: it was an incredible outpouring of global fellowship

What matters more than anything else is agriculture
By Colin Tudge - 11 July 13:00

The right support for traditional farming could help Africa more effectively than any amount of "dev

The ghost at Gleneagles: in an orgy of media coverage, the two men at the heart of the G8 have been overlooked
By John Pilger - 11 July 13:00

The people killed in Iraq, and impoverished in Africa, demand that we wake up.

Politics - Robert Peston locates Labour's cancer
By Robert Peston - 11 July 13:00

Unless Blair averts the looming public services spending crisis at home, his achievements on the wor

So where did global resistance go?
By Paul Kingsnorth - 11 July 13:00

G8 - Vast, angry crowds used to go to summits and try to shut them down. Things are different now, w

Happy to raise expectations
By Sue Matthias - 04 July 13:00

G8: Interview with Gordon Brown - It's strange when a politician urges people to make the politician

We are deeply concerned. Again
By Brian Cathcart - 04 July 13:00

Browse through the G8 communiques of yesteryear and what strikes you is not so much the broken promises - though a few catch the eye - as the hubris.

Darcus Howe explodes a colonial myth
By Darcus Howe - 04 July 13:00

G8 - It must be Africans who rescue Africa from the mire into which it has sunk

Aid must help people, not governments
By Moeletsi Mbeki - 04 July 13:00

G8: Africa - The best way to keep Africans poor is to continue handing money to political elites wh

Mark Thomas seals his jam jars with attitude
By Mark Thomas - 04 July 13:00

G8 - The International Monetary Fund's very ideology runs counter to developing nations' needs: it i

Now is the time to act
By Noreena Hertz - 04 July 13:00

G8 - Ministers want us to think the Africa battle is won, but it is just starting, and we must pile

Stop making the planet history
By Mark Lynas - 04 July 13:00

G8: Climate change - The unpalatable truth is that raising people out of poverty worsens their impac

We have more power than we think
By Staff blogger - 04 July 13:00

There is such a thing as a moral universe. So said Gordon Brown six months ago as the UK prepared to take over the chair of the Group of Eight industrialised nations. If the dignity of anyone, child or adult, is diminished by poverty, or debt, or unfair trade, we are all diminished, Brown said.

A crisis of leadership
By Michela Wrong - 04 July 13:00

G8: Africa - Where exactly is the acclaimed "new breed" of progressive African politician? Without i

The Chinese are coming
By Lindsey Hilsum - 04 July 13:00

G8: Africa - One country is investing large sums abroad - and it doesn't make a fuss about human ri

Over the sea to Skye
By Natalie Brierley - 27 June 13:00

Scotland knows that its future lies in broadband, but it must not forget the islands. Natalie Brierl