Our greed for energy will be our downfall
By Staff blogger - 05 December 12:00

The question is not: can we sustain our energy supply without learning to love nuclear? It is, or at least should be: can Britain and similar countries sustain present levels of energy consumption without causing economic instability and environmental disaster?

The business column - Patrick Hosking
By Patrick Hosking - 05 December 12:00

Ministers insist new nuclear power stations would not require public subsidy, but the private sector

For whom the decibels toll
By Andrew Martin - 05 December 12:00

Special report - The night before Andrew Martin took his first flight, at the age of 13, he couldn't

The business column - Patrick Hosking on how two public schools boys did the OFT a favour
By Patrick Hosking - 28 November 12:00

The problem with the Office of Fair Trading hasn't been a shortage of manpower (it employs 700 peopl

Be afraid, Debenhams, very afraid
By Paul Kingsnorth - 28 November 12:00

Observations on protests

Can you incent? Passionately?
By Simon Busch - 21 November 12:00

Just look at the job ads: business-speak is running amok. Simon Busch tests some solution delivery c

A lifeline, but not for them
By Robin Pagnamenta - 21 November 12:00

It is vital to the west and worth billions to BP, but will the 1,100-mile pipeline across the Caucas

The business column - Patrick Hosking says it's better to be underweight than overexposed
By Patrick Hosking - 21 November 12:00

You hear "We've only got a small holding" every day in the City. It's code for: we're not going to m

Reducing inequalities in health
By Staff blogger - 21 November 12:00

A round-table discussion

America's new enemy is close at home: John Pilger on the rise of the south
By John Pilger - 14 November 12:00

Latin Americans have spent the past few years finding their voices. Now they may have the strength to speak out.

The business column - Patrick Hosking beware the advisors
By Patrick Hosking - 07 November 12:00

There is not a single case of a chief executive of a major financial services company resigning over

The Revenue gives a Green light
By Harvey Cole - 07 November 12:00

Observations on tax

The perk of the Irish
By Edel Brosnan - 07 November 12:00

Observations on tax

Why I don't want my foot on the ladder
By Kira Cochrane - 07 November 12:00

Observations on property

Toward Trade Justice
By Staff blogger - 31 October 12:00

A <em>New Statesman</em> round-table discussion

It wasn't always like this
By Anton La Guardia - 31 October 12:00

There is no other alliance that compares, and it is newer than you might think. Anton La Guardia ana

Israel by numbers
By Rachel Aspden - 31 October 12:00

Israel -

The Bank borrows an idea - from Enron
By Nick Cohen - 24 October 13:00

After the Treasury, now the Bank of England is embracing the oil firm's dodgy methods. That's very b

Daytime television's enticing message
By Michael Gibson - 24 October 13:00

If British people are stacking up debt it might have something to do with what they see on television, where for years personal finance firms have promoted their wares with the help of celebrities.

The debt pandemic
By Liam Halligan - 24 October 13:00

Between us we owe £1 trillion and we can't afford the repayments. British consumers have a serious

The business column - Jane Martinson suspects a stitch-up
By Jane Martinson - 24 October 13:00

For 13 years, Sky has monopolised the rights to live Premiership football. At last, it seemed grumbl

The media column - Peter Wilby snorts with disbelief
By Peter Wilby - 24 October 13:00

Cameron and Osborne give the impression they run some sort of charity, rescuing upper-class waifs an

The poor pay the bill for the big fear
By Raj Persaud - 24 October 13:00

Observations on bird flu

It's good to talk - even better to sell
By Richard Dowden - 17 October 13:00

Africa is changing fast. Aid and debt relief may help, but mobile phones and trade with China are pr

Aubrey Meyer
By Mark Lynas - 17 October 13:00

10 people - Does this ex-musician hold the answer to the world's climate crisis?

Those mill owners knew a thing or two
By Raj Persaud - 17 October 13:00

Observations on work

The shadow map of our compassion
By Ziauddin Sardar - 17 October 13:00

Observations on disaster

Rory's week - Rory Bremner discovers his inner Scot
By Rory Bremner - 17 October 13:00

I was concerned I was struggling with David Davis's voice. But that's OK, because I won't have to bo

A very corporate loss of nerve
By John Kampfner - 10 October 13:00

With licence fee negotiations at a critical point, the word from the top is clear: ministers must be