Where wealth disparities and violence meet
By Neal Lawson - 07 August 13:00

As our politicians shed responsibility for managing the economy they have to prove their importance

Britain's tin red line
By Aylmer Vallance - 07 August 13:00

<strong>Taken from the <em>New Statesman</em> archive, 26 May 1951.</strong>

This visit to a facto

Managing chaos
By Francis Beckett - 07 August 13:00

<strong>Plundering the Public Sector: how new Labour are letting consultants run off with £70bn of o

Frankenstein fuels
By Mark Lynas - 07 August 13:00

Pioneered by bearded hippies running clapped-out vans on recycled chip fat, biofuels now mean big bu

We all need to grow up a bit when it comes to drugs
By Staff blogger - 07 August 13:00

In attacking the ABC classification system for controlled drugs, as it has in its report subtitled Making a Hash of It?, the Commons select committee on science and technology has shot a sitting duck.

Why uni makes Bob feel sick
By Kira Cochrane - 31 July 13:00

Once upon a time (well, specifically about nine months ago) there was a fictional sixth-form boy, living on a council estate, who wanted to go to university. Let's call him Bob.

Money matters
By Elinor Cook - 31 July 13:00

<strong>How to Spend $50 Billion to Make the World a Better Place</strong>

Edited by Bjørn Lomborg

Chewed up and spat out
By Alexander Preston - 31 July 13:00

<strong>Freud in the City</strong>

David Freud <em>Bene Factum Publishing, 386pp, £18</em>


Computer illiterate
By Salil Tripathi - 31 July 13:00

Observations on India

Sell-out: Why hedge funds will destroy the world
By Janet Bush - 31 July 13:00

If hedge funds were a country, it would be the eighth-biggest on the planet. They can sink whole eco

Your skills have not been recognised, please dial again
By Andrew Coombes - 24 July 13:00

Job security and sufficient staff are prerequisites to effective training

Learning takes a lifetime
By Peter Wilby - 24 July 13:00

The older we get, the more we realise what we need to know

Geeks and volunteers lead the way
By Becky Hogge - 24 July 13:00

A new generation of communicators will show us how to get ahead in business

Round table: Smart learning for the future
By Staff blogger - 24 July 13:00

Participants discussed how far technology is a part of smart learning and how far we have gone towar

Serious players in learning
By Emily Mann - 24 July 13:00

Unionised workers are more likely to receive training than others

Parlez-vous l'Anglais?
By Tessa Holland - 24 July 13:00

The fact that English is spoken so widely leaves us lagging behind in the global skills market

Get out of the office and breathe some oxygen
By Erin Roof - 24 July 13:00

From time to time, everyone needs a little advice, especially when they are starting out. Heather Wilkinson has built an entire business on this premise.

Expect the unexpected and learn to be flexible
By Tom Freke - 24 July 13:00

A key skill in building a successful business is people management

Competitive advantage is under threat
By Jonn Elledge - 24 July 13:00

The British economy increasingly depends on the ability of its workforce to develop and utilise new

Oil: We're addicted
By James Buchan - 17 July 13:00

James Buchan has been writing about oil since the 1970s. Here, at a moment when steepling prices, po

The toxic legacy of a nuclear future
By Staff blogger - 17 July 13:00

The DTI has lost its nerve in the face of global geopolitics – energy security has become as critica

Hollywood squeeze
By James Clasper - 17 July 13:00

Observations on Korea

Stuff of dreams
By Helen Womack - 17 July 13:00

High oil prices have given Russia renewed power, frightening the west but bringing hope to ordinary

Whatever happened to Britain’s oil?
By Brian Cathcart - 17 July 13:00

Anyone who remembers the 1960s should recall a political language very different from today's. Headlines, debates, party political broadcasts and news bulletins bristled with terms such as "trade gap", "sterling crisis" and "balance of payments deficit".

Why we are failing our children
By Donald Hirsch - 10 July 13:00

Despite tax credits and other measures, the government is further away than ever from meeting its ch

Trying hard to make good
By Mary Braid - 10 July 13:00

Two single mothers tell Mary Braid of their struggle to get by

For richer, for poorer
By John Kay - 10 July 13:00

<strong>Adam Smith, Radical and Egalitarian: an interpretation for the 21st century</strong>


The prophets of prosperity
By Terry Eagleton - 10 July 13:00

<strong>Suicide of the West</strong>

Richard Koch and Chris Smith <em>Continuum, 224pp, £14.99</em

Internet killed the video star
By Viv Groskop - 10 July 13:00

As the digital revolution gathers pace and the export of American culture becomes increasingly fraug

A long look
By Richard Reeves - 03 July 13:00

The state must help people put money aside for the future