Chancellor George Osborne
Merging income tax and NIC: the Chancellor's calculations
By Lucy Fisher - 30 June 11:07

The proposed plan could increase pressure for tax cuts and undermine the contributory principle.

Illustration by Sonia Roy/
Fishing with dynamite: the big competition myth
By Margaret Heffernan - 26 June 10:00

Is it time to relinquish fantasies of winning in exchange for the greater prize of shared progress?

No matter the political situation, it's always the economics that triumphs in the end. Photo: Getty
The best currency for an independent Scotland would be Norway’s kronor
By Piotr Marek Jaworski - 18 June 17:10

If Scotland votes for independence, it will create a completely different economic context for the two new countries that emerge.

Low's caricature of Keynes for the New Statesman, 1933
Paul Mason: what would Keynes do?
By Paul Mason - 12 June 10:00

The revolution in IT and how it is transforming our world in ways that even economists are struggling to understand.

The last thing we need is oligarchs’ money flooding into Britain
By Felix Martin - 29 May 10:00

Felix Martin explores the question of Russian capital flight to London.

The day when someone in the richest 10 per cent stops contributing to tax is nearly a month earlier than someone in the poorest 10 per cent.
"Tax Freedom Day" comes earlier for the rich than the poor
By John Hood - 28 May 9:53

The day when someone in the richest 10 per cent stops contributing to tax is nearly a month earlier than someone in the poorest 10 per cent. 

We were not prepared to allow Britain's valuable science base to be put at risk for narrow, short-term gains.
The Pfizer / AstraZeneca takeover bid – the story of what Labour did and why
By Chuka Umunna - 27 May 10:25

We were not prepared to allow Britain's valuable science base to be put at risk for narrow, short-term gains.

Piketty’s theory—right or wrong—is largely unaffected by these results.
That big Financial Times story on errors in Piketty's data is overrated
By Danny Vinik - 26 May 19:17

Piketty’s theory – right or wrong – is largely unaffected by these results.

Piketty speaking at UC Berkeley's economics department, April 2014. Photo: Getty Images
“Marx? I never really managed to read it” – an interview with Thomas Piketty
By Isaac Chotiner - 06 May 10:34

An interview with the left’s rock star economist, author of the smash hit Capital in the Twenty-First Century. 

The uncomfortable truth is that for most people, the recovery hasn't even begun.
UK economy grows by 0.8% - but how many are feeling it?
By George Eaton - 29 April 10:11

The uncomfortable truth is that for most people, the recovery hasn't even begun. 

Do women really need extra help managing their money?
By Sophie McBain - 25 April 12:01

A Financial Times columnist has written a book of financial advice for “independent women”.

the New York Stock Exchange reopens after the Easter holiday, 21 April. Photo: Getty
HFT: the latest scam devised by Wall Street and the City
By Felix Martin - 25 April 10:00

Felix Martin discusses Flash Boys by the American financial writer Michael Lewis, which examines high-frequency trading (HFT).

Two children sitting at workstations in 1963. Photo: Getty
Why do our offices make us so miserable?
By Juliet Lapidos - 23 April 13:50

The unhappy history of the workplace.

The chained fist of the statue celebrating the emancipation of slaves in the US. Photo: Getty
Much of Britain's wealth is built on slavery. So why shouldn't it pay reparations?
By Priyamvada Gopal - 23 April 10:09

The benefits of slavery have accrued down the generations, so why are we so nervous about the responsibility for the slave trade doing the same?

For most, there is still no recovery at all.
Why the Tories can't declare that the living standards crisis is over
By George Eaton - 16 April 10:08

Average pay excluding bonuses remains below inflation. For most, there is still no recovery at all. 

The Chancellor's approach could result in a higher than expected deficit.
Osborne's new tax cutting agenda could mean even bigger spending cuts
By George Eaton - 14 April 8:33

The Chancellor's new assumption that tax cuts significantly boost growth could result in a higher than expected deficit. 

Would shorter working hours boost productivity? Photo: Getty.
Why we should all be working less
By Sophie McBain - 10 April 13:18

France has introduced a new law to prevent employees being asked to read work emails outside office hours. Would it help solve the UK's productivity problem if we followed suit?

Housing in south London seen from above. Photo: Getty
Five signs the London property bubble is reaching unsustainable proportions
By Ed Conway - 03 April 9:27

It's not difficult to see that London is facing a house price bubble. It's harder to say when it might pop.

Is pay going up or down? Both, or neither, depending on the measure you use. Photo: Getty
Pay set is to go up, or down, or stay the same – it all depends on how you measure it

We are heading into a so-called “living standards election” – without accurate data on living standards. Different sides will be able to tell whatever story they want.

Pensions minister Steve Webb. Photo: Getty
How are the government going to build a pension system that works?
By David Pitt-Watson - 02 April 12:27

Most people want to “give their money away to someone whom they can trust will use it wisely to generate a income when they retire”.

We need not fear him. Photograph: Getty Images.
Learning to live with machines
By Raphael Gray - 26 March 11:30

We need to take the idea of a universal basic income seriously.

The Osborne audit: what have we learned?
By Robert Skidelsky - 17 March 12:10

Ahead of this week’s budget, the economic historian Robert Skidelsky examines how four years of austerity have affected Britain.

An open letter to outgoing CEO Euan Sutherland.
The Co-operative needs to set a higher standard
By Rowenna Davis - 12 March 15:22

An open letter to outgoing chief executive Euan Sutherland.

The underemployment crisis.
More jobs aren't enough - we need better jobs too
By Ed Sweeney - 11 March 11:30

For the majority of people, fair pay, flexible working patterns and genuine work-life balance remain an illusion.

nflation alone will ensure that the allowance rises to over £11.3k.
Why the Lib Dems' £12,500 tax allowance promise is a smaller pledge than it sounds
By Gavin Kelly - 11 March 9:35

Inflation alone will ensure that the allowance rises to over £11.3k and minimum wage workers will still be paying tax.

Investors hesitate as Ukraine teeters on the precipice
By Elizabeth Stephens - 26 February 10:55

In recent days Ukrainian bonds suffered the worst selloff on record and the stock index fell 2.8 per cent

Pretty houses. Getty Images
What hope is there for Generation Rent when a third of MPs are buy-to-let landlords?
By Rhiannon and Holly - 19 February 11:04

It’s no secret that, as far as the housing market goes, the millennial generation have been (and this is the technical term) royally screwed over.

Gender inequality is costing the global economy trillions of dollars a year
By Sophie McBain - 12 February 15:00

A UN report released today has found that progress made towards reducing poverty is at risk of being reversed because of widening inequality and a failure to strengthen women's rights.

Staying power: the seemingly exceptional economics of Japan
By Felix Martin - 06 February 6:02

2013 was the year the world’s financial markets suddenly became interested in Japan again.