Patrolling the murkier waters of the mainstream media


In praise of regional journalism
By Steven Baxter - 18 June 12:39

Will we miss it when its gone? I think we will.

The Damascus delusion
By Steven Baxter - 13 June 14:09

The "Gay Girl in Damascus" blog was a product of an American man's imagination. But does it matter?

Why the Sun has turned Ken Clarke into a Teletubby
By Steve Baxter - 09 June 19:18

This is what passes for a debate about sentencing.

Don't rejoice at Giggs's downfall
By Steven Baxter - 09 June 15:57

Our obsession with the sex lives of the rich and famous is tawdry at best.

A liveblog about liveblogging
By Steven Baxter - 05 June 13:01

It is easy to dismiss this new form of journalism -- but it is here to stay.

The attack of the killer cucumbers (or not)
By Steven Baxter - 03 June 12:04

When everyone actually <em>is</em> going to die, no one will believe the tabloids.

Will Cheryl Cole return to British X-Factor? We need to know
By Steven Baxter - 27 May 13:33

Thank heavens for the broadsheets, asking the questions to which the British public needs answers.

How many people really knew it was Ryan Giggs?
By Steven Baxter - 24 May 19:17

Many people hadn’t guessed the identity of “the footballer” until the tabloids weighed in.

What a frightening world it must be if you only read the Daily Express
By Steven Baxter - 19 May 14:05

Frightening, but with free baked goods.

The politics of Eurovision
By Steven Baxter - 14 May 14:42

My pick for the winner – and why Britain will get nuls points.

The cult of Pippa Middleton’s bum
By Steven Baxter - 12 May 17:14

Don’t get angry at magazines for writing about Philippa’s bottom – we’re the ones who read the stuff

The Telegraph has been told off. Big deal . . .
By Steven Baxter - 10 May 11:45

A toothless PCC won’t stop other newspapers using the <em>Telegraph</em>’s tactics: the rewards outw

In defence of privacy
By Steven Baxter - 09 May 13:35

Most superinjunctions suppress money-making stories about celebrity sex, rather than a real public i

Whose words are these?
By Steven Baxter - 05 May 17:30

The strange evolution of a Martin Luther King quotation can tell us a lot about authorship.

How can we be sure of the details of Bin Laden’s death?
By Steven Baxter - 03 May 15:59

Without footage or photographic evidence, journalists – and the public – are several steps removed f

I can’t bring myself to dislike the royals
By Steven Baxter - 28 April 18:35

We should put them in a glass dome and be able to phone them up and tell them what to do – like a ro

Who cares about Rebekah Brooks when we can talk about Andrew Marr?
By Steven Baxter - 27 April 12:29

The News International chief is accused of lying to parliament – but the press just cares about some

Want to stalk Rio Ferdinand? Look no further than the newspapers
By Steven Baxter - 20 April 17:32

The intrusion into celebrities’ privacy is endemic – and it undermines the case for serious investig

Mixed metaphors in the AV race
By Steven Baxter - 19 April 12:23

Is AV a horse race or a football match? Or is it just whatever the plebs can understand?

Listen to Kelvin. You don’t need to learn about journalism to be a journalist
By Steven Baxter - 11 April 12:57

I can’t do 100 words a minute shorthand, have never sat through a council meeting or done a death kn

The coming of the Maily Express
By Steven Baxter - 08 April 13:39

It makes sense - the two newspapers have printed the same stuff with different fonts for a while now

Farewell to the unloveliest newspaper
By Steven Baxter - 04 April 12:40

The <em>Sport</em> and <em>Sunday Sport</em> have gone under, taking their torrent of nipples and ma

Which story is the April Fool?
By Steven Baxter - 01 April 11:27

After a quick look through the tabloids’ websites, it’s quite difficult to tell.

Beyond the spectacle
By Steven Baxter - 27 March 16:18

How can the anti-cuts movement break through the media’s short attention span?

Happy twirthday, Twitter!
By Steven Baxter - 22 March 13:24

After five years, people still don’t know what Twitter is for – and that is what makes it great.

War is sport, sport is war
By Steven Baxter - 21 March 12:15

I feel like I’m spoiling all the fun, but I find it distasteful to reduce the Libya campaign to a fo

Royal wedding hysteria exists because we want it to
By Steven Baxter - 18 March 15:14

People don’t publish “Wills and Kate” stories for the joy of the prose, they do it to flog a few mor

After the tsunami, slow news day syndrome
By Steven Baxter - 15 March 12:31

Now the waves have receded, the media are using the Fukushima nuclear plant to ramp up the fear fact

Is Auntie scared of the C-word?
By Steven Baxter - 09 March 15:14

No, not that word, but “cut”.

Journalists do what they’re told – or face the consequences
By Steven Baxter - 07 March 10:42

Do we all stand up to managers when they make us do something we know is wrong, or do we keep our he