Patrolling the murkier waters of the mainstream media


The Amanda Knox case is another blow to the press
By Steven Baxter - 04 October 9:24

In the rush to be first, sometimes something - anything - will do.

This is a coalition without courage
By Steven Baxter - 02 October 11:25

Forget the double dip: ministers say we can now go faster on the M25 and don't have to recycle as mu

Why do we still watch party conferences in the age of paid TV?
By Steve Baxter - 27 September 10:53

In these carefully stage-managed days, voices of dissent are removed from anywhere near a television

Cage-fighting kids? The real problem is the kneejerk reaction
By Steve Baxter - 22 September 18:38

Why bother with putting things into context when you can just point and screech?

The path to "ethical journalism" starts here
By Steven Baxter - 16 September 13:17

It should be a source of shame that big online publishers are as a matter of course not linking to s

Why the Daily Mail's Right Minds fails to deliver
By Steven Baxter - 13 September 14:32

No, it's not the politics or the 55-deck shrill headlines that disappoint.

This a Red or Black world. And I'm stuck in it.
By Steven Baxter - 08 September 11:45

If you're going to have a random show, make it a random show.

Farewell Wapping, the Fortress of Solitude
By Steven Baxter - 07 September 13:24

What does the selling off of News International's HQ mean for the future of journalism?

Is WikiLeaks grinding to a halt?
By Steven Baxter - 02 September 17:52

It's hard to undock Assange from WikiLeaks. And that's a problem.

Wince along with Ortis Deley
By Steven Baxter - 31 August 19:34

But Channel 4's problems aren't down to just one man.

The flak jackets aren't just for show
By Steven Baxter - 25 August 17:48

War correspondents put their lives on the line to entertain us and bring us details that no one else

When being the Prime Minister gets in the way of a good holiday
By Steven Baxter - 24 August 12:09

Clamouring for Cameron to come back from holiday when things get tough just feeds his Etonian ego.

How unemployment is different this time around
By Steven Baxter - 18 August 12:40

The last time I was unemployed was 1998. Now, the reality is that there are not enough jobs.

What David Starkey can learn from Rastamouse
By Steven Baxter - 17 August 11:55

The historian's comments were wrong, insulting, crude and disingenuous. He could learn a lot from th

There's crime. And then there's HD Skycopter crime
By Steven Baxter - 13 August 11:38

What about the glassing, the beating, the robbery that doesn't happen in "riot week"?

"Why did the Tottenham riots happen?" Let's all guess
By Steven Baxter - 08 August 12:31

Discussion of the riots is dominated by guesswork, and coloured by the same old agendas.

The great (neck breaking) debate
By Steven Baxter - 04 August 18:25

The death penalty debate is one of personal agendas, desperate publicity, and is an inevitable dialo

Here's watching you, Big Brother
By Steven Baxter - 02 August 18:30

Despite the tabloid sleaze-fest, will the reality TV show survive its move to Channel 5?

The press will not learn from the Chris Jefferies case
By Steven Baxter - 30 July 13:24

Changes to "no win no fee" actions could make the press even freer to say what they like about high-

Even in death, Winehouse is not granted privacy or respect
By Steve Baxter - 26 July 13:35

All that prurient poking into the singer's private life might have been part of the problem.

An elderly media tycoon and the not-so-humble pie
By Steve Baxter - 19 July 21:07

Murdoch's news-loving Spidey-sense still tingles.

For Murdoch and friends, sorry is the easiest word
By Steven Baxter - 17 July 13:14

For Rupert, Rebekah and David, contrition has finally arrived. But where's the shame?

Maybe even Murdoch isn't smart enough to solve this one
By Steven Baxter - 13 July 12:03

With every new revelation, you have question how much longer this can last without becoming real tro

Saying farewell to the News of the Screws
By Steven Baxter - 07 July 19:43

That a trashy tabloid was slain by quality investigative journalism is probably fitting. That hundre

No turning back
By Steven Baxter - 06 July 16:00

The <em>News of the World</em> phone hacking scandal is growing by the minute, and threatens to chan

Sunday will be the test for the News of the World
By Steven Baxter - 05 July 13:11

If readers are outraged, the easiest course of action they can take is to stop buying the paper.

We can't let Hari off the hook because he's "one of us"
By Steven Baxter - 30 June 13:39

Johann Hari's indiscretions are not as serious as the casual fakery that goes on elsewhere in Fleet

Diana is dead - the media need to get over her
By Steven Baxter - 28 June 17:46

Newsweek's latest cover featuring a resurrected Diana is grubby, undignified and demeaning attempt t

Ignore the media scare-stories about strikes
By Steven Baxter - 23 June 13:34

Those who strike are not firebrands or ideologues, they are ordinary men and women who are fighting

JK Rowling keeps Harry Potter fans guessing over next venture
By Steve Baxter - 22 June 13:35

The mystery surrounding Rowling's next move is almost as exciting as the thing itself