Patrolling the murkier waters of the mainstream media


I'm the Squeezed Middle and I know who's doing the squeezing
By Steven Baxter - 27 January 10:34

Political leaders look on sadly but what are they really doing to change things?

Why Leveson is right to allow anonymous witnesses
By Steven Baxter - 23 January 11:33

Sometimes, anonymity is necessary in the public interest. That does not justify the tabloid's prurie

Deride Miliband for anything you like, but not his looks
By Steve Baxter - 16 January 15:33

The shabby treatment of the Labour leader opens the door to more of this kind of unedifying garbage

"The Daily Malicious, sorry, the Daily Mail"
By Steven Baxter - 12 January 17:24

Naivety and aggression at the Leveson inquiry.

The Leveson inquiry probes. . .why the Sun is such a great newspaper
By Steven Baxter - 10 January 11:10

The inquiry is supposed to delve into the nastier side of tabloid journalism - but Dominic Mohan got

What the Diane Abbott metastorm was really about
By Steven Baxter - 06 January 10:59

Let's call this what it is. It's pretending.

It was not the Daily Mail wot won the Stephen Lawrence case
By Steven Baxter - 04 January 12:23

The newspaper's triumphalism undermines the tireless efforts of those who fought to keep the case at

Why do we let our leaders get away with their decisions for three decades?
By Steven Baxter - 30 December 15:07

Waiting 30 years to release information means that it is too late to hold people to account.

Kate Middleton: walking uterus!
By Steven Baxter - 28 December 12:35

The speculation about whether the princess is pregnant is a sad indication of the way we view our royals.

Predicting the legacy of Leveson
By Steven Baxter - 22 December 16:22

Hearings of the press standards inquiry will resume on 9 January. What do we do with what we've lear

Journos have never loved their rivals -- but the lines are getting more entrenched
By Steven Baxter - 15 December 14:37

Maybe tribalism is to be expected as the endgame approaches, newspapers die off and the new landscap

Frozen Planet "faked" polar bear birth? Oh, come off it
By Steven Baxter - 12 December 13:36

Natural history programmes have reconstructed things for years.

It's austerity Christmas: buy now, pay considerably more later
By Steve Baxter - 08 December 12:31

Adverts for short-term loans are everywhere. These companies know that people are more cash-strapped

Only some of this is about Jeremy Clarkson
By Steven Baxter - 01 December 17:55

Try to forget one man and his silly comments.

Gary Speed and press intrusion in the post-phone hacking era
By Steven Baxter - 28 November 11:16

It's no different from any other "death knock", wizened hacks tell me. Well, I agree.

It's not all about Sienna
By Steven Baxter - 24 November 11:57

The missing witnesses at the Leveson inquiry are you and me.

How not to manage a general strike
By Steven Baxter - 20 November 11:59

The 30 November strike could be a huge own goal unless unions ensure they appeal to as many workers

Jumpers at the ready: The Killing is back
By Steven Baxter - 18 November 12:38

<em>Forbrydelsen</em>, along with other Scandi whodunits, harks back to a more artful age of crime d

I am leaving the phone at home
By Steven Baxter - 14 November 13:19

What might it be like to wander around without anxiously looking at a screen every ten seconds? I wo

May plays into hands of poppy burning Muslims Against Crusades
By Steven Baxter - 11 November 10:33

Anjem Choudary and his trolling friends like the publicity.

On Winterval and the Mail
By Steven Baxter - 08 November 11:19

Politicians like Eric Pickles have bought into this bogus mythology. No longer.

Why we shouldn't deride Liz Jones for her sperm-stealing revelation
By Steven Baxter - 03 November 15:02

If these columns represent reality, rather than calculated provocation, they should be met with comp

Why I was wrong about the Star and the Express
By Steven Baxter - 31 October 13:04

The Desmond empire's decision to embrace the Health Lottery has not calmed the papers' editorial pol

Has football really kicked out racism?
By Steven Baxter - 26 October 16:44

Complacency threatens to jeopardise two decades of progress

Brussels over Britain
By Steven Baxter - 25 October 14:10

Tory politicians' behaviour over the EU shows their contempt for ordinary people -- and their confid

Colonel Gaddafi, the trophy corpse
By Steven Baxter - 21 October 9:10

It's good to show the reality of war, but there's something unsettling about our delight in graphic

Sorry Ricky, that joke isn't funny any more
By Steven Baxter - 19 October 11:29

"Mong face" is just a punchline desperately in search of a set-up.

Wanted: Experienced interns. And I’m not joking
By Steven Baxter - 14 October 16:19

Journalism is now like working for the St John Ambulance, but without the chance to put a sling on s

The world according to Paul Dacre
By Steven Baxter - 12 October 15:05

The Daily Mail editor on corrections, self-regulation and liberals who loathe the tabloids.

And I'm not making this up...
By Steven Baxter - 07 October 18:34

Instead of pandering to tabloid mythology why can't May, Cameron and co just be honest?