Patrolling the murkier waters of the mainstream media


Plastic Brit? Mo Farah after winning a race in Oregon earlier this month.
"Plastic Brits": are some Olympians more worthy of a cheer than others?
By Steve Baxter - 12 June 11:27

Screaming about "plastic Brits" may be a rare example of the <em>Mail</em> getting its own readers wrong.

A royal supporter waits on the Mall.
I'm proud to be a member of the "Humourless Left"
By Steven Baxter - 05 June 15:24

Is the Jubilee fawning really what we do better than anyone else? If so, is that something to be proud of?

Syria: taking time off from the massacres to do some sport
By Steve Baxter - 30 May 15:02

No bans or boycotts in the Olympics.

New Statesman
No, I will not "grow a pair"
By Steve Baxter - 22 May 8:17

Men need to admit their vulnerability.

New Statesman
Samantha Brick, Carole Malone: rewarded for “saying the unsayable”
By Steve Baxter - 18 May 8:15

There is a place for divisive opinions, but it is unpalatable to express horrible thoughts and get p

Selective evidence: an ugly political game
By Steven Baxter - 10 May 12:20

Commentary surrounding the horrific Rochdale case speaks more for the critics than the victims.

New Statesman
What about Redknapp?
By Steven Baxter - 02 May 10:25

Hodgson will pay the price for not being the chosen candidate of sportswriters.

New Statesman
Britain: You're not welcome
By Steven Baxter - 30 April 12:56

Tougher immigration checks have made travelling to and from the UK a drag for everyone.

New Statesman
Breivik has not been given a platform
By Steven Baxter - 23 April 10:54

Television has exposed the mass murderer for who he really is.

New Statesman
I'm an F1 fan but I can't watch the Bahrain Grand Prix
By Steven Baxter - 20 April 10:09

The race will put a veneer of respectability on a despicable regime.

Bristol Evening Post.
There is hope in the wreckage of the local press
By Steven Baxter - 17 April 15:41

There will always be local news, except that it is a less attractive investment. Perhaps that’s best

New Statesman
Are we entering a post-exclusive age?
By Steven Baxter - 12 April 10:58

Being first just doesn’t have the same appeal it once did.

Samantha Brick on Mail Online
Beauty and post-postbag journalism
By Steven Baxter - 05 April 10:47

What online writer doesn't bait readers to get their hits fix?

Khloe and Kim Kardashian
Is it possible to read the whole Mail Online in a sitting?
By Steven Baxter - 03 April 12:07

You have to admire Mail Online, as one might admire a giant omelette.

Pretending to eat pasties
By Steven Baxter - 29 March 9:31

A hot pie is just a hot pie; it's not a cultural totem of the working classes.

Fabrice Muamba, jail and racist tweets
By Steven Baxter - 27 March 20:40

When does being offensive become an offence?

Not The PCC: will the new press regulation body be any better?
By Steve Baxter - 19 March 11:38

There is a sudden enthusiasm for reform, but politicians and the public will be excluded from the pr

Chris Jefferies: Only press fines can prevent trial by media
By Steven Baxter - 17 March 16:17

"My story was a readymade Midsomer Murders script set in a respectable and leafy suburb," says man f

"Why go abroad in 2012?" asks a new TV ad. I'll tell you why
By Steven Baxter - 14 March 10:59

We're a disappointingly saccharine nation at times, steeped in our own myths of the Blitz Spirit and

What next after this PCC limbo?
By Steven Baxter - 09 March 13:24

If the new, post-Leveson Press Complaints Commission is to be of any worth, it must listen to the pu

Is Cardinal O'Brien being used as bait?
By Steven Baxter - 07 March 9:45

Nuance, compromise, and ambivalence don't make 'good TV'. We've chosen this binary world.

Why we should be a little less pedantic
By Steven Baxter - 01 March 15:25

Sometimes the message is much more important than the words.

Sun on Sunday: a muted debut
By Steven Baxter - 26 February 18:28

Not quite brave new world, not quite News of the World re-badged.

How the seven-day Sun could change Sundays forever
By Steven Baxter - 21 February 9:53

If the new venture succeeds, it may become more inviting for others to consider combining daily and

"Whitney's death bath": a morbid curiosity
By Steven Baxter - 16 February 11:15

Long may such freedom of speech continue.

Empire of the Sun
By Steven Baxter - 12 February 9:29

If the Murdoch tabloid dies, I reserve the right not to mourn.

On Sky News, Twitter, and whether we would like journalists to be human
On Sky News, Twitter, and whether we would like journalists to be human
By Steven Baxter - 08 February 13:46

Those who work for news organisations should, within reason, have a free hand in their personal twee

Mail Online
10 questions for Daily Mail boss Paul Dacre
By Steven Baxter - 06 February 10:22

The editor's appearance before the Leveson inquiry is the perfect time to ask about Mail Online.

From cartoon hero/villian to The Simpsons
By Steven Baxter - 03 February 13:56

Julian Assange to become yellow Springfield avatar.