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Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

1. Scotland's new era beckons, regardless of how it votes in a stupid referendum (Guardian)

Ultimately, there is little to choose between the devo-max pledged by unionist parties and what Alex Salmond offers, writes Simon Jenkins.

2. The crushed Lib Dems have a bright future (Times)

The protest vote has gone, but Nick Clegg’s party can still hold the balance of power, writes Philip Collins. Ditching him would be suicidal.

3. Welcome to the age of post-interventionism (Independent)

Military intervention in other countries is not the only way for America to show its strength, writes Mary Dejevsky.

4.  A weak France could be the end of Europe (Financial Times)

The vote for Marine Le Pen’s National Front was a powerful warning of the perils of inaction, says Philip Stephens.

5. The war games are over – and it’s the Tories who are smiling (Daily Telegraph)

After the stress-test of last week's local elections, the big parties are in very different places, writes Dan Hodges.

6. The stoning of Farzana Iqbal is another grim step in Pakistan’s descent into chaos (Independent)

The ghastly fact is that this murder was nothing out of the ordinary, writes Peter Popham.

7. Will America start to unlock its prison gates? (Times)

The world’s biggest jailer is questioning both the cost and the effect of incarcerating so many, writes Justin Webb.

8. The mysterious Mr Lansley will hardly set Brussels alight (Daily Telegraph)

David Cameron's choice of Andrew Lansley for the UK’s next European Commissioner has not met with Tory approval, writes Isabel Hardman.

9. A split UK is not for a week but for ever (Financial Times)

Politicians sound like hucksters making rival pitches in a debate that has become paltry, writes Martin Wolf.

10. Liberal Democrats: losing the plot (Guardian)

A successful coup requires passion, but also timing, says a Guardian editorial. And this was not the moment for the party to begin searching its soul.

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