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Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

1. Blairites don't really exist (Guardian)

The term is applied to politicians across the spectrum, but suits none of them – not even Tony Blair, says Steve Richards.

2. The pain of rebalancing global growth (Financial Times)

The IMF paints an encouraging picture – if nothing bad happens, writes Martin Wolf.

3. Ed Miliband could be the PM who leads us out of Europe (Daily Telegraph)

Labour needs a strategy to tackle growing English hostility to the Union and the EU, says Mary Riddell.

4. Help to Buy should be dubbed Help to Vote (Guardian)

George Osborne's crazy scheme is the latest in half a century of political bribery, writes Simon Jenkins. But Britons never question why home ownership should be subsidised.

5. Barack Obama and the Republican Party are engaged in an existential battle (Independent)

No winner can come out of this stalemate with their head held high, writes Andreas Whittam Smith. 

6. We need to drive bus fares down for the poor passenger (Times)

Buses are getting pricier while motoring costs have fallen, writes Will Straw.

7. Education in England: sliding down the class (Guardian)

The OECD report suggests that improving GCSE results and rising university enrolment may have been statistical mirages, says a Guardian editorial.

8. I’m afraid we’re just as sadistic as we feared (Times)

Pioneers of social psychology clearly proved our dark side, but now experiments need to be more robust, writes Daniel Finkelstein.

9. Labour should not be muzzling free speech (Daily Telegraph)

Neither Ed Miliband nor the state should be allowed to force their definition of 'decency' on a free press, argues Tom Harris.

10. To offshore or not to offshore? That is the question (Independent)

Some motor industry firms are scaling back offshore production, but 'onshoring' may not have the last laugh, says Hamish McRae.