Morning Call: pick of the papers

The must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

1. The reality of America’s fiscal future (Financial Times)

The real debate is not about the debt – it is about whether citizens will fund the government, says Martin Wolf. 

2. The silent majority seeks facts on immigration (Daily Telegraph)

France's president shows how immigration can be disastrous for a political leader, says Mary Riddell. 

3. Whatever Ed says, his big idea won’t work (Times)

Whether the energy price freeze is a good idea or not, the public don’t believe in the man proposing it, writes Daniel Finkelstein. 

4. What is Boris Johnson talking about? London needs new homes, not ‘assets’ (Independent)

Instead of addressing the housing crisis, the capital’s Mayor actually celebrates it, says Mira Bar Hillel.

5. Like it or not, we must talk to Assad (Daily Telegraph)

With Syria's regime gaining the upper hand, any peace plan will necessarily involve the country's tyrannical leader, says Con Coughlin. 

6. Police culture needs root-and-branch reform (Times)

It’s not only their mindset that must change, says David Davis. Officers should be wearing cameras and microphones too.

7. An angel kidnapped by Gypsies? In the absence of all the facts, age-old libels are being replayed (Guardian)

Reporting of the Greek 'blonde angel' case is all the more bitter for those who know the myths that have dogged Roma history, writes Louise Doughty.  

8. You can blame the tax avoiders. But the government’s the real villain (Independent)

At the same time as HMRC complains about avoidance, it is creating fresh loopholes, writes Andreas Whittam Smith.

9. Universities should ditch the talk of investing in the future (Guardian)

Instead of research academics need to focus on giving students what they want for their money: that is, a well-rounded education, writes Simon Jenkins. 

The must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.
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