Farage is "the biggest waste of money in the EU": video of Belgian ex-PM's put-down

Guy Verhofstadt is not happy with UKIP.

Perhaps getting his own back for Nigel Farage's infamous tirade against his fellow countryman Herman von Rompuy, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt launched a blistering attack on the UKIP leader in the European Parliament. Farage has previously boasted about his total expense and allowance claims "pushing £2m", on top of his salary of £64,000.

Farage. Photograph: Getty Images

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En français, s'il vous plaît! EU lead negotiator wants to talk Brexit in French

C'est très difficile. 

In November 2015, after the Paris attacks, Theresa May said: "Nous sommes solidaires avec vous, nous sommes tous ensemble." ("We are in solidarity with you, we are all together.")

But now the Prime Minister might have to brush up her French and take it to a much higher level.

Reuters reports the EU's lead Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, would like to hold the talks in French, not English (an EU spokeswoman said no official language had been agreed). 

As for the Home office? Aucun commentaire.

But on Twitter, British social media users are finding it all très amusant.

In the UK, foreign language teaching has suffered from years of neglect. The government may regret this now . . .

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