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Morning Call: pick of the papers

Ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Those who want out of the EU are raising a glass to themselves to soon (Observer)

The forces that will defend the idea of Britain staying in the EU are formidable. They just haven't woken up yet, writes Andrew Rawnsley.

2. A Frankenstein moment for Cameron as he squares up to his monster (Mail on Sunday)

There will be divisions in the Prime Minister's team about the best response to the Leveson report, notes James Forsyth.

3. A tough new Labour party emerges - on the ground (Observer)

Nick Cohen has watched Labour councils dealing with austerity and is encouraged.

4. I see on last, faint hope for a truly free British press (Sunday Telegraph)

Matthew D'Ancona thinks the Prime Minister should give the press one last chance before imposing statutory regulation.

5. Why Dave doesn't give a hoot about the EU budget (Independent on Sunday)

Downing Street's insouciance matches the mood of the nation, says John Rentoul.

6. Where is Africa's share of the spoils (Independent on Sunday)

Vince Cable wants to bring more transparency to resource extraction industries in Africa.

7. Growing gulf divides the two Europes (Independent on Sunday)

North v South; Eurozonve v the rest - the real problem for the EU is economic divergence, says Hamish McRae.

8. Why, as a journalist and ex-editor, I believe it is time to regulate the press (Observer)

Will Hutton isn't impressed by special pleading dressed up as free speech crusading by the press ahead of the Leveson report.

9. Houdini Dave can slip the Leveson trap (Sunday Times)

Special pleading dressed up as free speech crusading ahead of the Leveson report, by Martin Ivens.

10. Osborne needs to end the economic drift (Sunday Times)

Leading article, containing facile economic prescriptions, noteworthy only for snarky tone: the government are so rubbish it makes Labour look good.


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