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iPad to help sumo wrestlers communicate better

Sumo training centres will be equipped with iPads to improve communication between sumo wrestlers an

The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) on Tuesday announced that it will distribute 60 iPads to the country's 51 Sumo training centres and top association officials to improve communication between the sumo wrestlers and officials.

The association reportedly chose Apple's touch-screen tablet because it is big enough for the wrestler's fat fingers, unlike the tiny keys on mobile phones.

The JSA was recently plagued with scandals over wrestlers' ties with gangsters and illegal gambling, match-fixing and so on. When the authorities faced flak for their poor investigation of the scandals, they blamed it on the insufficient communication among the sumo leaders.

Until now, internal messages were communicated through telephone or fax. "With faxes you can't be sure if the message was actually received, but with e-mail we can prevent that," the organisation said.

By placing the iPad in all the training centres, the association will be able to contact them anytime, said an association spokesman.