What would Beatrice do?

The Webb Essay competition for young writers commemorates the work of Beatrice Webb, co-founder of t

Back in September, we asked for entries for the NS essay competition. Entrants aged between 18 and 25 were asked to answer the following question:

If Beatrice Webb were alive today and wanted to compile an index of poverty in the UK, what factors would she include, how would they be measured and how would each factor be weighted? Also how would you use such an index to promote the issue of poverty in the public and political consciousness?

We are pleased to announce the winners of this competition, who both won cash prizes. Click here to read the winning essays:

Winner: Anil Prashar

Runner up: Celia Goodburn

This article first appeared in the 02 January 2012 issue of the New Statesman, And you thought 2011 was bad ...