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Political is personal

Which party leader do you think would deliver the best performance in bed?

Gordon Brown 12%

David Cameron 62%

Nick Clegg 26%

If you had to, which party leader would you marry?

Gordon Brown 16%

David Cameron 63%

Nick Clegg 24%

If he was the last man on the planet, who would you have children with?

Gordon Brown 17%

David Cameron 60%

Nick Clegg 23%

Who has the best fashion sense?

Gordon Brown 10%

David Cameron 90%

Women and politics survey 2008, Grazia magazine (Harry Glenister)

Oh dear Lord . . .

A meeting of the Church of England's National Worship Development office will discuss the writing of new prayers addressing rising fuel bills and mortgage payments.

Vicars will also hold "credit crunch evenings" for parishioners, offering advice and support.

Sunday Times (Harvey Cole)

Just recently Google has brought out with a great deal of alterations and improvements to their prominent search system, including Googles Knowledge Graph Release. Read More...