This England


Sergeant Peter Randall, who has died aged 76, was awarded the George Medal for rescuing a soldier from a blazing vehicle in Kenya in 1954. As Randall, ablaze himself, pulled the soldier out of the cab, he remembered a dog was chained up inside. Tearing off his clothes, he re-entered the burning truck to save the animal. Then, with his skin hanging off his body, he staggered 500 yards to seek help. The next month he was told the RSPCA was presenting him with the Margaret Wheatley Cross. He was a devoted dog man for the rest of his life.

Daily Telegraph (T A Dyer)

Blooming disgrace

In April, Torbay Council apologised after a large strip of rare wildflower meadow in the grounds of St Andrews Church was destroyed by its gardeners. It assured the volunteers, including local children who had raised £300 to plant the meadow, that it would not happen again. This week council gardeners returned to finish the job. The meadow was part of Torbay's entry for a Britain in Bloom award.

Times (David Harling)