This England

Men, eh!

Six binmen were rushed to hospital after being overcome by fumes after smelly waste sparked a major scare involving police and 30 firefighters in chemical suits.

The crews were scrambled to Seven Kings, east London, to investigate after a black bag burst.

The men - five refuse collectors and one street cleaner - suffered watery eyes and sore throats and were taken to King George's Hospital in Ilford amid fears they had toxic poisoning. But firefighters found the bags contained nothing except nappies and household waste.

The men were all given a clean bill of health by doctors and allowed the rest of the day off.

Sun (Patrick O'Byrne)

Goldilocks's mum

Michael Rosen is far more agitated about the dreariness of the national curriculum. "What's the point of being able to list 'porridge, chairs, bed' after reading Goldilocks? Teachers should only ask questions to which they don't know the answers, such as, "What do you think Goldilocks told her mum?" Daily Telegraph (Angela Ash)

This article first appeared in the 02 July 2007 issue of the New Statesman, The Brown revolution begins