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The Midlands family of 12 accused of running an illegal nightclub from the living room of their council house will be told Walsall County Court's decision following a three-day hearing. Sandwell Council is demanding they be booted out of their home.

The council's representative Catherine Rowlands claimed that the erection of a bar and full range of optics, a glitter ball, disco lights, a pool table, 42in screen television, a gym and sauna proved the house was "not being used normally".

Birmingham Evening Mail (Linda Calvey)

The tornado, part of a wave of bad weather across the country, caused flooding, affected roads and rail services, and led to the cancellation of flights out of Heathrow. A series of such freak storms has hit Britain in the past few weeks, although meteorologists are reluctant to draw any link to global warming, saying the increased frequency may simply be due to more observant people.

Independent (Harvey Cole)

This article first appeared in the 12 February 2007 issue of the New Statesman, Sunni v Shia