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Sanofi to buy Pluromed

The French drug-maker to expand its presence in the biosurgery field.

The French health-care firm Sanofi has confirmed that it will acquire the US-based medical device-maker Pluromed, in a bid to expand its biosurgery portfolio.

Sanofi plans to commercialise Pluromed’s LeGoo, a thermo-sensitive, biocompatible and non-toxic gel that helps to control bleeding during surgical procedures. LeGoo is approved by the FDA and CE-marked.

Alison Lawton, senior vice-president and general manager at Sanofi Biosurgery, a business unit of Sanofi, said: “The acquisition of Pluromed underscores Sanofi’s commitment to strengthening its biosurgery portfolio. LeGoo is a breakthrough technology with the potential to change the paradigm of vascular and cardiovascular surgical procedures, by providing fast, temporary control of blood flow while avoiding vessel trauma associated with standard of care.”

The acquisition, which is subject to customary closing conditions, reflects Sanofi’s commitment to bring new solutions to ease surgical procedures and improve patient outcomes.

Jean-Marie Vogel, CEO of Pluromed, said: “The synergies between our companies were clear from the beginning. We are confident that Sanofi has the expertise and resources necessary to bring LeGoo to market and drive adoption.”

Pluromed is a developer of a proprietary polymer technology called Rapid Transition Polymers (RTP), pioneering the use of injectable plugs to improve the safety, efficacy and economics of medical interventions.