Because politics happens beyond Westminster


The progressive case against Lords reform
By Rowenna Davis - 02 March 10:26

We know democracy is deeper than elections. We should honour that.

What community organising can teach workfare
By Rowenna Davis - 23 February 14:30

The left can't afford to seem snobby about opportunities, but employers have obligations too.

An open letter to Eric Pickles
By Rowenna Davis - 13 February 15:09

People are losing control of the public spaces they love. Give local councils a say over betting sho

Why you should back High Streets First
By Rowenna Davis - 06 February 12:57

A new campaign wants locals to be given powers to limit the number of betting shops on their streets

Angry about bonuses? Here's how to claim back agency from the banks
By Rowenna Davis - 29 January 11:28

By transferring your money to an ethical bank, you can make a change to the financial system.

The problem with welfare reform? It's the market, not the benefits cap
By Rowenna Davis - 24 January 9:18

Labour should focus on reforming the market to support the vulnerable without being labeled as profl

How the left can be radical without spending money
By Rowenna Davis - 17 January 10:35

Balls's speech made way for a new agenda that is profoundly exciting.

Ed Miliband cannot be radical and cautious at the same time
By Rowenna Davis - 08 January 9:50

The Labour leader indulges contradictory positions in his entourage. He needs to choose a course and