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An open letter to outgoing CEO Euan Sutherland.
The Co-operative needs to set a higher standard
By Rowenna Davis - 12 March 15:22

An open letter to outgoing chief executive Euan Sutherland.

The Trussell Trust hits out at Cameron: the coalition has broken its agreement with foodbanks
By Rowenna Davis - 06 September 16:37

The head of the UK's biggest foodbank network says the PM is wrong to claim that job centres have been allowed to give out vouchers.

Popcorn revolutionaries: the struggle for workers' rights at Curzon cinemas
By Rowenna Davis - 05 September 17:13

They may work at the liberal intelligentsia's favourite cinemas, but workers across all Curzon cinema chains have had enough of zero hours contracts, poor pay, and the lack of union recognition.

No "spirit of 45" for the workers at the liberal intelligentsia's favourite cinemas
By Rowenna Davis - 02 April 10:49

The workers at the Curzon cinemas are turning to unions to help challenge their poor wages and zero-hours contracts.

John O'Farrell and Harriet Harman on the campaign trail in Eastleigh.
Report from Eastleigh: Apathy is the watchword of the doorstep
By Rowenna Davis - 14 February 14:22

Rowenna Davis says she's never canvassed anywhere so undecided.

A porter pushes resuscitation equipment down a corridor at Lewisham Hospital
Lewisham: the most irrational, irresponsible hospital to cut
By Rowenna Davis - 21 January 16:14

To cut this well-performing hospital would be to reward failure and punish success.

The debt collector's hammering at the front door. Will this be a wake-up call for Westminster?
By Rowenna Davis - 07 January 15:24

Unexpected people are struggling. The middle is getting closer to the bottom. So what is the way out?

Volunteers put a selection of tinned food together at a food bank
How food banks became mainstream: the new reality of the working poor
By Rowenna Davis - 17 December 9:10

We should support food banks, but our aim - through things like the living wage - should be to wipe them out.

Labour should respond to Osborne's benefits cuts with a jobs guarantee
By Rowenna Davis - 07 December 15:11

A jobs guarantee would allow Labour to defend benefits from a position that resonates with the public.

London lit up red for World Aids Day 2012. (Getty.)
Living with HIV just got harder
By Rowenna Davis - 01 December 18:31

The real impact of welfare cuts.

The Port of Dover
Blue Labour, Maurice Glasman and the fight for the "People's Port"
By Rowenna Davis - 09 November 13:28

Glasman's Blue Labour movement has found a cause in the fight to stop the Port of Dover being privatised.

Ford will be closing plants in Southampton and Dagenham next year
Hundreds of jobs are axed by Ford, and we're letting them get away with it
By Rowenna Davis - 08 November 10:51

Our current industrial strategy is allowing the company to undermine public trust.

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott.
Ten reasons why police commissioner elections leave us cold
By Rowenna Davis - 24 October 10:41

The elections offer little more than an expensive way of leaving us all more disillusioned.

The left's opposition to badger culls ignores the plight of our farmers
By Rowenna Davis - 19 October 9:16

Rural workers' livelihoods are being devastated by TB. Labour should come to their defence.

Balloons featuring images of Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne
Meet the Tories the left should be frightened of
By Rowenna Davis - 09 October 14:09

Luckily for Ed Miliband, the Conservative Party is unlikely to listen to the Tories with One Nation vision.

What became of Blue Labour?
By Rowenna Davis - 30 September 11:08

A year later, there's barely a sight of the buzzword. But its ideas live on, writes Rowenna Davis.

Language learning under the cosh. Photograph, Getty Images.
Why is the government ripping into language learning?
By Rowenna Davis - 13 September 17:58

It's culturally insulting that only classical and modern language GCSEs count towards Michael Gove’s new English Baccalaureate.

If Labour cares so much about the price of milk, why doesn't it join with dairy farmers?
By Rowenna Davis - 12 July 16:19

Milk has been over the news recently, but there's a silence on the left over the plight of its creators.

David Cameron talks to young people at a careers centre in Hammersmith
How young people can hurt the coalition
By Rowenna Davis - 29 June 10:23

Under 25s are a much greater electoral force than they realise.

The European Union flag is visible through tree branches
Eurozone soap opera reveals a damaged relationship with markets
By Rowenna Davis - 22 June 10:25

Democracies need to get some self-respect.

A BetFred shop in Central London
Spread of betting shops shows the coalition's failure on growth
By Rowenna Davis - 21 June 8:57

BetFred and others are favoured by licensing laws that are weighted against communities.

Can lefties do Britishness?
By Rowenna Davis - 15 June 12:16

We shouldn’t be afraid to ground our political vision in an idea of Britain, of who we are and what kind of society we want to build.

Dole Queue
The battle to protect workers' rights is only beginning
By Rowenna Davis - 26 May 12:00

The Lib Dems' intention to block the worst of the Beecroft report does not diminish the urgency of t

Donations of food are stacked on shelves at a foodbank centre in Salisubury.
The rise and rise of the food bank
By Rowenna Davis - 12 May 10:34

They call it a "bank" for a reason.

New Statesman
The case against being "anti-politics"
By Rowenna Davis - 03 May 8:06

A system with fewer people voting is often in the interests of the politicians you’re supposed to ha

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has presided over cuts to courts
Our magistrates' courts are being decimated by cuts. The Tories should be ashamed of themselves
By Rowenna Davis - 29 April 0:05

There’s a horrible irony about a justice system that is supposed to make us safer leaving us more vu

New Statesman
Labour needs to rediscover its conservatism
By Rowenna Davis - 20 April 14:24

The party used to care more about family, high streets, order and community.

New Statesman
Lessons for Labour from Bradford West
By Rowenna Davis - 02 April 10:24

Respect won because its campaign was rooted in the heart and soul of Bradford.

High Streets First: a response to Eric Pickles
By Rowenna Davis - 29 March 17:29

Don't be fooled by claims that the number of betting shops is decreasing.

The silent crisis engulfing our pubs
By Rowenna Davis - 12 March 11:17

Pub workers are battling against a corrupt set of markets rigged against them.