God - what do we believe?

In this special issue we have contributions from A N Wilson, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins,

When Tony Blair called recently in this magazine for all leaders to “do God”, we anticipated a response; the volume and vigour of the letters, emails and commentary his article provoked, however, were beyond anything we expected. Whatever one thinks of the former prime minister, he had touched on an issue that mattered deeply to many, and which sharply polarised opinion.

So what place should God have in our society? Over the next 18 pages Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins lead the charge for the atheists, A N Wilson reveals how he has found his Christian faith again, and various distinguished writers and thinkers, including the Chief Rabbi, Tony Benn and Polly Toynbee, join the debate. We hope you will, too - by emailing your thoughts godandme@newstatesman.com, a selection of which will be displayed on newstatesman.com

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