Margaret Corvid on desire, change and culture


Sex workers deserve the rights and protection of any worker. Photo: Getty
Moving on from the “happy hooker”: why I love my job as a sex worker
By Margaret Corvid - 24 April 12:04

I am lucky, but luck changes. This is why I believe in fighting for our rights.

Sculptures by Raphael Zollinger in the Pratt Institute Sculpture Garden in New York.
If we liberate men’s sexuality, the war against women can end
By Margaret Corvid - 16 January 9:30

As a dominatrix, men come to me to explore a sexuality that is socially forbidden. While patriarchy endures, they will never be free to express who they are, or treat women as they should be treated.

The Houses of Parliament. Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images
Why the next general election will be pivotal for sex worker rights
By Margaret Corvid - 02 December 16:53

In the lead-up to the general election, we have the chance to move the debate forwards, towards the full decriminalisation of sex work.

Not this kind of tiger, clearly. Photo: Getty
Why a woman having sex with a fake tiger shows that the Extreme Pornography Act must be repealed
By Margaret Corvid - 27 October 12:44

Experts predicted that the law would result in fewer than 30 cases a year. Instead, there have been thousands of convictions. The Act is not fit for purpose.

A visitor takes a picture as he visits an exhibition on the Kama Sutra in Paris. Photo: Getty
The Gimp Man of Essex: taking kink into the community
By Margaret Corvid - 16 October 16:25

A man in Essex has found an unusual way of raising money for charity, while at the same time encouraging more open attitudes about kink.

We should be able to choose who we are online, and who gets access to that information. Photo: Getty Images
I’m glad Facebook has rolled back its “real names” policy – here’s what to do next
By Margaret Corvid - 02 October 14:12

Facebook has backed down on making users go by their “real” names. It needs to realise that outness is a spectrum, and realness is best defined by the people who assume a name, not by a corporate policy.

Turning off the news churn provides the space to think, learn and write. Photo: Getty
Is it possible to live a modern contemplative life?
By Margaret Corvid - 24 September 9:47

It has taken years of patient self reflection to realise that my obsessive reading of the news was eroding my well being.

An alleyway in Edinburgh. Photo: Getty
The allure of the closet: is kink only sexy when it is underground?
By Margaret Corvid - 26 August 12:40

Even in the age of Fifty Shades of Grey, kink is still a taboo. Margaret Corvid examines what can happen when private lives are made public.

A smartphone running Facebook. Photo: Johan Larsson / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Sex workers on Facebook are not a sexualised peep show available at all hours
By Margaret Corvid - 05 August 9:25

The default assumption when it comes to sex workers on Facebook is that their lives are an open book.

 An apparition causes havoc by menacing two people in their kitchen. From the London Stereoscopic Company Comic Series, 1865/Getty Images
I was a die-hard sceptic, but then I saw a poltergeist
By Margaret Corvid - 11 July 14:15

I was too stunned to be scared, but I remember the sense of conviction; surely, it was a poltergeist. Why had a supernatural being decided to show itself to me, a Marxist, who does not believe in ghosts?

If sex work is work, then sex workers are workers. Photo: Getty
Sex work is work: exploding the “sex trafficking” myth
By Margaret Corvid - 07 July 16:45

With the freedom to work, organise and fight, sex workers will end coercion in the trade.

Resplendent in high boots, leather and latex, the dominatrix continues to influence trendsetters. Photo: Getty
How the Nordic Model will close the door on the professional dominatrix
By Margaret Corvid - 16 June 16:21

Under the Nordic Model – which criminalises the clients of sex workers – the role of the dominatrix, which is as classically British as that of a steam train conductor, will be greatly changed and diminished.

“You’re not a real cosplayer”: since when did dressing up for comics conventions lead to bullying?
By Margaret Corvid - 02 June 16:24

Cosplayers – particularly women – report being insulted, groped or harassed at conventions. How did this happen in a community that prides itself on friendliness and cooperation?