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Which CLPs are nominating who in the 2016 Labour leadership contest?

Who is getting the most CLP nominations in the race to be Labour leader?

Jeremy Corbyn, the sitting Labour leader, has been challenged by Owen Smith, the MP for Pontypridd. Now that both are on the ballot, constituency Labour parties (CLPs) can give supporting nominations. Although they have no direct consequence on the race, they provide an early indication of how the candidates are doing in the country at large. While CLP meetings are suspended for the duration of the contest, they can meet to plan campaign sessions, prepare for by-elections, and to issue supporting nominations. 

Scottish local parties are organised around Holyrood constituencies, not Westminster constituencies. Some Westminster parties are amalgamated - where they have nominated as a bloc, we have counted them as their separate constituencies, with the exception of Northern Ireland, where Labour does not stand candidates. To avoid confusion, constitutencies with dual language names are listed in square [] brackets. If the constituency party nominated in last year's leadership race, that preference is indicated in italics.  In addition, we have listed the endorsements of trade unions and other affliates alongside the candidates' names.

Jeremy Corbyn (242)

Aberconwy (did not nominate in 2015)

Aberdeen Donside (did not nominate in 2015)

Aldridge-Brownhills (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Almond Valley (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Arundel & South Downs (did not nominate in 2015)

Argyll & Bute (nominated Yvette Cooper)

Ashton-under-Lyme (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Bath (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Barrow-in-Furness (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Bedford (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Berwick-upon-Tweed (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Beverley and Holderness (did not nominate in 2015)

Bolton North East (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Bolton South East (nominated Jeremy Corbyn)

Bolton West (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Bolsover (did not nominate in 2015)

Bournemouth East (did not nominate in 2015)

Bournemouth West (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Bootle (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Blackley & Broughton (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Birmingham Hall Green (did not nominate)

Bradford East (did not nominate in 2015)

Brent Central (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Bromley & Chislehurst (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Broxtowe (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Bristol East (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Bristol North West (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Bristol South (did not nominate in 2015)

Bristol West (did not nominate in 2015)

Bury North (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Bury-St-Edmunds (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Brent North (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Brentford & Isleworth (did not nominate in 2015)

Calder Valley (also nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Camberwell and Peckham (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Canterbury (did not nominate in 2015)

Ceredigion (did not nominate in 2015)

Congleton (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Coatbridge and Chryston (did not nominate in 2015)

Cheltenham (did not nominate in 2015)

Chesterfield (did not nominate in 2015)

Chesham and Amersham (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Chippenham (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Chipping Barnet (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Chingford and Wood Green (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Clacton (did not nominate in 2015)

Cities of London and Westminster (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Colchester (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Cunninghame South (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Crewe and Nantwich (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Croydon Central (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Croydon North (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Clydebank and Milngavie (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Clwyd West (did not nominate in 2015)

Dagenham & Rainham (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Derbyshire Dales (did not nominate in 2015)

Dewsbury (did not nominate in 2015)

Dulwich & West Norwood (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Dundee East (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Dundee West (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Doncaster Central (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Dover (did not nominate in 2015)

Delyn (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Devizes (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Dwyfor Meirionnydd (did not nominate in 2015)

East Devon (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

East Surrey (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

East Worthing and Shoreham (did not nominate in 2015)

Eastleigh (did not nominate in 2015)

Easington (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Edinburgh Central 

Edinburgh North and Leith (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Eddisbury (did not nominate in 2015)

Elmet & Rothwell (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Ellesmere Port & Neston (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Enfield North (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Enfield Southgate (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Erith and Thamesmead (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Epping Forest (did not nominate in 2015)

Faversham & Mid-Kent (did not nominate in 2015)

Folkestone & Hythe (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Gainsborough (did not nominate in 2015)

Gateshead (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn (did not nominate in 2015)

Glasgow Kelvin (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Glasgow Southside (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Glasgow Shettleston (nominated Jeremy Corbyn)

Gloucester (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Grantham and Stamford (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Great Yarmouth (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Gower (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Hackney North and Stoke Newington (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Hackney South and Shoreditch (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Halesowen and Rowley Regis (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Halifax (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Hampstead and Kilburn (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Harborough (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Harlow (nominated Andy Burnahm in 2015)

Harrow East (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Harrow West (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Harrogate and Knaresborough (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Harwich and North Essex (did not nominate in 2015)

Hastings & Rye (did not nominate in 2015)

Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Halton (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Havant (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Hayes & Harlington (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Hereford and South Herefordshire (did not nominate in 2015)

Hexham (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Horsham (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Holborn & St Pancras (did not nominate in 2015)

Hitchin & Harpenden (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Hyndburn (did not nominate in 2015)

Islington North (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Islington South (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Isle of Wight (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Ilford South (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Jarrow (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Kingston & Surbiton (did not nomination in 2015)

Kensington & Chelsea (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Kirkcaldy (did not nominate in 2015)

Kingswood (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Knowsley (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Lancaster & Fleetwood (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Lewisham West & Penge (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Linlithgow  (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Liverpool Riverside (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Liverpool West Derby (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Liverpool Walton (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Leeds East (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Leeds North West (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Lewes (did not nominate in 2015)

Lincoln (did not nominate in 2015)

Louth & Horncastle (did not nominate in 2015)

Luton North (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Luton South (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Maidenhead (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Macclesfield (nominated Yvette Cooper)

Monmouth (did not nominate in 2015)

Montgomeryshire (did not nominate in 2015)

Morecambe and Lunesdale (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Mid Bedfordshire  (did not nominate in 2015)

Mid Derbyshire (did not nominate in 2015)

Mid Sussex (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Mid Worcestershire (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Midlothian North & Musselburgh (also nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Middlesbrough (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Milton Keynes North (did not nominate in 2015)

Milton Keynes South (did not nominate in 2015)

New Forest East (did not nominate in 2015)

Newbury (didn't make a supporting nomination in 2015)

Newcastle Central (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Newcastle-under-Lyme (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Newton Abbott (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Newark (did not nominate in 2015)

Northampton North (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Northampton South (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

North Cornwall (also nominated in 2015)

North Somerset (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

North Shropshire (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

North Norfolk (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

North West Hampshire (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

North Wiltshire (did not nominate in 2015)

Old Bexley and Sidcup (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Penrith and Borders (did not nominate in 2015)

Peterborough (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Preseli Pembrokeshire (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Preston (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Poplar and Limehouse (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Poole (did not nominate in 2015)Pudsey (nominated Andy Bunrnham in 2015)

Portsmouth South (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Portsmouth North (did not nominate in 2015)

Plymouth Moor View (did not nominate in 2015)

Rayleigh & Wickford (did not nominate in 2015)

Redcar (did not nominate in 2015)

Reading West (did not nominate in 2015)

Reigate (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Rochester & Strood (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Rochford and Southend East (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Romford (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Romsey and Southampton North (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Ribble Valley (did not nominate in 2015)

Salford & Eccles (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Salisbury (did not nominate in 2015)

Scarborough & Whitby (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Scunthorpe (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Sefton Central (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Sevenoaks (did not nominate in 2015)

Sherwood (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Shipley (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Stalybridge and Hyde (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

St Helens South & Whiston (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Stoke-on-Trent South (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Stockport (nominated Jeremy Corbyn)

Solihull (did not nominate in 2015)

Somerton and Frome (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015) 

Southampton Itchen (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Southampton Test (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Southport (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

South Cambridgeshire  (did not nominate in 2015)

South East Cambridgeshire (did not nominate in 2015)

South East Cornwall (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

South Dorset (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

South Ribble (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

South Thanet (did not nominate in 2015)

South Northamptonshire (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

South West Bedfordshire (did not nominate in 2015)

South West Devon (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

South West Norfolk (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

South West Wiltshire (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Surrey Heath (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Sutton & Cheam (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Sutton Coldfield (did not nominate in 2015)

Stroud (did not nominate Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Stretford & Urmston (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Swansea West (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Tatton (did not nominate in 2015)

The Cotswolds (did not nominate in 2015)

Thornbury & Yate (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Thurrock (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Tottenham (also nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Totnes (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Torbay (did not nominate in 2015)

Truro & Falmouth (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Tewkesbury (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Uxbridge & South Ruislip (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Vale of Clwyd (did not nominate in 2015)

Ynys Môn (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Wansbeck (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Walthamstow (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Wakefield (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Warwick & Leamington (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Winchester (did not nominate in 2015)

Witney (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Wellingborough (did not nominate in 2015)

Westmoreland and Lonsdale (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Weston-super-Mare (did not nominate in 2015)

West Suffolk (nominated Jeremy Corbyn)

Wirral South (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Worthing West (did not nominate in 2015)

Wokingham (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Wyre Forest (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Trade union nominations:









Affliate nominations:

Young Labour

Owen Smith (45)

Aberdeenshire West (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Altrincham and Sale West (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Ayr (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Batley and Spen (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Battersea (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Basingstoke (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Blaneau Gwent (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Bermondsey & Old Southwark (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Bow and Bethnal Green (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Clydesdale (did not nominate)

Charnwood (did not nominate in 2015)

Dumfriesshire (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Ealing Central and Acton (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

East Lothian (did not nominate in 2015)

Finchley and Golders Green (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Galloway and West Dumfries (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Glasgow Cathcart (nominated Yvette Cooper)

Great Grimsby (nominated Yvette Cooper)

Greenock & Inverclyde (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Hornsey & Wood Green (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Inverness & Nairn (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Reading East (did not nominate in 2015)

Richmond Park (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Runnymede and Weybridge (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Rutherglen (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Leceister East (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Mitcham and Morden (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Moray (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Morley and Outwood (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

North East Fife (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Nottingham South (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Newcastle North (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Strathkelvin and Bearsden (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Streatham (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

South Swindon (did not nominate in 2015)

Twickenham (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Uddingston and Bellshill (nominated Andy Burnham in 2015)

Vauxhall (nominated Liz Kendall in 2015)

Warrington South (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

West Ham (nominated Jeremy Corbyn in 2015)

Westminster North (nominated Yvette Coooper in 2015)

Wimbledon (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Trade unions



The Musicians' Union


Affliated organisations 

Socialist Health Association

Jewish Labour Movement (nominated Yvette Cooper in 2015)

Labour Movement for Europe (did not nominate in 2015)

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Is Google Maps discriminating against people with disabilities?

Its walking routes are not access-friendly.

“I ended up having to be pushed through a main road in London, which was really scary.” Three weeks ago, Mary Bradley went to London to visit her daughter Belinda, who is just finishing her first year at university there. Her other daughter joined them on the trip.

But what was supposed to be an enjoyable weekend with her two children turned into a frustrating ordeal. The apps they were using to find their way around kept sending them on routes that are not wheelchair-friendly, leading to time-consuming and sometimes frightening consequences.

Bradley has been using a wheelchair – when having to go longer distances without a vehicle – for over a year, due to a 45-degree curve in her spine, severe joint facet deterioration in her back, and other conditions.

She lives in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, and has made the trip up to London to visit her daughter a handful of times. Each visit, they use Google Maps and the transport app Citymapper to find their way around, as neither of them know London particularly well.

Belinda and Mary Bradley. Photo: Belinda Bradley

“It was just horrible,” says Bradley of her most recent trip to the capital. “We’re following the maps, and we go along, then find we are faced with a footbridge, and realise there was no way I was going to get over it, so we had to go back the way we’d come. At one point, we were faced with a strip of narrow pavement the wheelchair couldn’t go down. That was something we found all weekend.”

While Google Maps did highlight accessible Tube stations, they found that once they had alighted to do the rest of the journey to their destination on foot, “it took us three times as long, because the route that it takes us just wasn’t passable”.

They ended up having to try different routes “having no real idea of where were going”.

“It meant that it took so much longer, the girls ended up having to push me for longer, I got more and more embarrassed and frustrated and upset about the whole thing,” Bradley tells me.

At one point, her daughters had to take her down a main road. “Being pushed on a road, especially in London, is scary,” she says. “It was scary for me, it was scary for the girls.”

When they returned home, Belinda, who is a 19-year-old Writing and Theatre student at the University of Roehampton, was so furious at the situation that she started a petition for Google Maps to include wheelchair-friendly routes. It hit over 100,000 signatures in a fortnight. At the time of writing, it has 110,601 petitioners.

Belinda's petition.

Belinda was surprised that Google Maps didn’t have accessible routes. “I know Google Maps so well, [Google]’s such a big company, it has the satellite pictures and everything,” she says. “So I was really surprised because there’s loads of disabled people who must have such an issue.”

The aim of her petition is for Google Maps to generate routes that people using wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks, or pushing prams will be able to use. “It just says that they’re a little bit ignorant,” is Belinda’s view of the service’s omission. “To me, just to ignore any issues that big needs to be solved; it needs to be addressed almost immediately.”

But she also wants to raise awareness to “make life better in general” for people with disabilities using navigation apps.

Belinda has not received a response from Google or Citymapper, but I understand that Google is aware of the petition and the issue it raises. Google declined to comment and I have contacted Citymapper but have not received a response.

Google Maps does provide information about how accessible its locations are, and also allows users to fill in accessibility features themselves via an amenities checklist for places that are missing that information. But it doesn’t provide accessible walking routes.

“There’s no reason that they couldn’t take it that bit further and include wheelchair accessible routes,” says Matt McCann, the founder of Access Earth, an online service and app that aims to be the Google Maps for people with disabilities. “When I first started Access Earth, I always thought this is something Google should be doing, and I was always surprised they haven’t done it. And that’s the next logical step.”

McCann began crowdsourcing information for Access Earth in 2013, when he booked a hotel in London that was supposed to be wheelchair-friendly – but turned out not to be accessible for his rollator, which he uses due to having cerebral palsy.

Based in Dublin, McCann says Google Maps has often sent him on pedestrian routes down cobbled streets, which are unsuitable for his rollator. “That’s another level of detail; to know whether the footpaths are pedestrian-friendly, but also if they’re wheelchair-friendly as well in terms of the surface,” he notes. “And that was the main problem that I had in my experience [of using walking routes].”

Access Earth, which includes bespoke accessibility information for locations around the world, aims to introduce accessible routes once the project has received enough funding. “The goal is to encompass all aspects of a route and trip,” he says. Other services such as Wheelmap and Euan's Guide also crowdsource information to provide access-friendly maps.

So how long will it take for more established tech companies like Google to clear the obstacles stopping Mary Bradley and millions like her using everyday services to get around?

“You can use them for public transport, to drive, you can use them if you’re an able-bodied person on foot,” she says. “But there are loads of us who are completely excluded now.”

Sign Belinda Bradley’s “Create Wheelchair Friendly Routes on Google Maps" here.

Anoosh Chakelian is senior writer at the New Statesman.