Poll shows hung parliament remains possible
By Staff blogger - 10 November 18:25

Conservatives lead Labour by 10 points but would win a majority of only two

Tories 17 points ahead in latest poll
By Staff blogger - 02 November 12:34

Figures would give Conservatives a Commons majority of 106

Conservatives lead Labour by 13 points in new poll
By Staff blogger - 27 October 9:30

Party on track for a majority of 58 at the next election as voters back Cameron's anti-statism

Labour's post-conference bounce continues
By Staff blogger - 19 October 13:42

Conservative lead cut to 11 per cent as Labour rises three points

Labour narrow Conservative lead to 10 points
By Staff blogger - 13 October 11:49

Party boosted by the conference season but support for Cameron's leadership rises

Labour gloom as Conservative lead reaches 19 points
By Staff blogger - 11 October 21:21

Tories also lead Labour on every policy issue except the NHS

Conservative lead surges to 17 points
By Staff blogger - 10 October 13:23

First poll since David Cameron's conference speech shows party's lead rising by 8 per cent

Labour slashes Conservative poll lead
By Staff blogger - 01 October 10:00

Party halves the Tory lead to seven points on the back of its conference

Conservatives continue to trail Labour in the north
By Staff blogger - 07 September 14:22

Poll also shows that a majority of voters remain unsure that there is "substance" behind David Camer

Tories 14 points ahead in new poll
By Staff blogger - 03 September 9:58

Party on track for a majority of 96 seats at the next election

Conservatives maintain large lead in new poll
By Staff blogger - 24 August 11:52

Tories seventeen points ahead of Labour in new poll and on track for majority of 110

Labour damaged by latest polling
By Staff blogger - 20 July 12:55

Party just a point ahead of the Liberal Democrats in the latest ComRes poll

Conservatives extend lead in latest poll
By Staff blogger - 14 July 11:55

Party up two points to 41 per cent in new ICM poll with Labour unchanged on 27 per cent

Johnson would prevent Tory majority, according to poll
By Staff blogger - 09 June 10:02

Favourite to succeed Brown would leave the Tories six seats short of a majority

Conservative support lowest since 2006
By Staff blogger - 02 June 23:15

Tories down 10 points to 30 per cent in ComRes poll

Labour falls to lowest ever poll rating
By Staff blogger - 02 June 22:41

Party tied with Liberal Democrats on 18 per cent

Brown under election pressure after new poll
By Staff blogger - 22 May 15:34

• 54 per cent want immediate election
• Only 45 per cent certain to vote

Labour down to 22 per cent in new poll
By Staff blogger - 14 May 15:41

Conservatives ahead by 19 points in YouGov poll