Nick Clegg's party could lose 17 seats to Labour.
Ashcroft polls: Lib Dems could lose 17 seats to Labour
By Lucy Fisher - 01 July 11:54

The latest polling by Lord Ashcroft offers a snapshot of the wipe out facing Lib Dems in battleground seats against Labour.

Voters are warming to the idea of a Labour government
By George Eaton - 21 November 9:11

Lord Ashcroft poll shows that 56 per cent of voters would like to see a Labour-led government after the next election.

Corby shows how a Lib Dem collapse will hurt the Tories
By George Eaton - 16 November 16:19

A fall in support for the Lib Dems will propel Labour to victory in Tory marginals.

Labour's lead
Labour's poll surge: ten key points
By George Eaton - 27 March 10:25

What lies behind Labour's 10-point poll lead?

What lies behind the Tories' poll bounce?
By George Eaton - 14 December 9:11

The Tories surge past Labour in the polls after Cameron's rejection of a new EU treaty.

Could Ukip overtake the Lib Dems?
By George Eaton - 16 November 14:09

Lib Dems fall to seven per cent in new poll, just two points ahead of Ukip.

A grim poll for the Tories
By George Eaton - 18 October 10:21

Labour lead up to eight points as Tory support falls to just 33 per cent in new Populus poll.

A poll bounce for the Tories
By George Eaton - 31 August 12:22

Latest YouGov poll puts the Tories on 39 per cent, just a point behind Labour.

Are we witnessing a Lib Dem revival?
By George Eaton - 22 February 10:29

New ICM poll puts the party on 18 per cent, their highest rating since September.

Labour opens up a five-point lead over the Tories
By New Statesman - 25 January 11:37

Latest opinion poll puts Labour on 42 per cent with the Tories trailing on 37 per cent.

Lib Dems hit a new poll low
By George Eaton - 09 December 11:20

Support for Clegg’s party falls to just 8 per cent – the lowest level in 20 years.

Labour maintains lead over Tories in new YouGov poll
By New Statesman - 16 November 9:03

Latest opinion polls puts Labour two points ahead of the Conservatives.

Labour moves ahead of Tories in new poll
By New Statesman - 02 November 8:21

Ed Miliband's party opens up a two-point lead in the latest ComRes poll.

Labour takes lead in new poll as cuts fears grow
By New Statesman - 26 October 9:52

Tories behind in new Populus poll for the first time since November 2007.

Lib Dems hit new poll low of 10 per cent
By George Eaton - 22 October 10:17

Support for party plummets to lowest level in 13 years.

Labour narrows Conservative lead to just a point in new poll
By New Statesman - 14 October 9:59

Support for Labour rises four points to 40 per cent in the wake of the student fees announcement.

A poll to calm the coalition's nerves
By George Eaton - 06 October 10:35

Poll shows 83 per cent support child benefit decision - Labour must be clearer in its defence of the

New poll puts Labour ahead for first time since 2007
By George Eaton - 28 September 9:52

A major psychological boost for Ed Miliband.

Liberal Democrat support remains just 12 per cent
By New Statesman - 17 September 12:18

Party's poor poll ratings trouble activists on eve of annual conference.

Labour and the Tories neck and neck on 37%
By George Eaton - 18 August 9:46

Labour draws level with the Conservatives for the first time since October 2007.

Lib Dem support falls to 16 per cent in new poll
By New Statesman - 10 August 9:57

73 per cent of voters no longer know what the party stands for, latest poll finds.

How low will the Lib Dems go?
By George Eaton - 01 August 11:35

Liberal Democrats fall to 12 per cent in new YouGov poll, their lowest rating since 2007.

New poll puts Labour just 2 points behind Tories
By George Eaton - 27 July 17:50

Latest Ipsos MORI poll puts Labour on 38 per cent, with Tories just ahead on 40 per cent.

Tories hit 2010 poll high as Lib Dems flatline
By George Eaton - 15 July 13:12

But how long will the honeymoon last?

Tory support rises to 42 per cent in first post-Budget poll
By New Statesman - 24 June 10:23

Poll shows voters approve of George Osborne's Budget as Tory support reaches post-election high.

No significant shift away from Lib Dems, poll shows
By George Eaton - 25 May 11:27

There has been no mass defection of voters to Labour from the Liberal Democrats.

Final polls of the campaign point to a hung parliament
By George Eaton - 05 May 19:48

Final pre-election polls show the Tories around 30 seats short of a majority.

Tory lead cut to just 5 points in new YouGov poll
By George Eaton - 04 May 21:16

Tories just 5 points ahead of Labour as Lib Dems drop 4 points to 24 per cent.

Hung parliament still likely, latest polls suggest
By George Eaton - 03 May 21:34

Tories down one to 33 per cent as Labour rises three to 28 per cent in new Opinium survey.

Tory lead cut to five points in new polls
By New Statesman - 02 May 22:43

Conservative support down three to just 33 per cent in latest ICM survey.