Rhys Hopkin Morris was the Liberal MP for Cardiganshire (1923-32) and Carmarthen (1945-56), one of just two gains from Labour at the 1945 general election, defeating Moelwyn Hughes, who went on to be MP for Islington North (1950-51).

When asked to endorse David Lloyd George as the leader of the reunited Liberals in 1929, Hopkin Morris was the only Liberal MP to vote against.

In 1936, he became regional director of the BBC in Wales and during the Lleyn bombing school arson trial commissioned one of the defendants, the Welsh nationalist Saunders Lewis, to write a radio drama for St David’s Day in 1937. After his conviction, Lewis and his co-accused were allowed to listen to the play in the governor’s office of Wormwood Scrubs prison on his wireless, as arranged by Hopkin Morris.

This article first appeared in the 27 May 2013 issue of the New Statesman, You were the future once