Police plan to arrest Assange caught on camera

The Ecuadorian Embassy, home of Julian Assange. Photograph: Getty Images

The Metropolitan Police's plan to arrest Julian Assange has apparently been caught on camera by a photographer. Lewis Whyld, a press association photographer, has tweeted two pictures of the document, which appear to reveal that the Met plans on arresting Assange the minute he leaves the embassy, regardless of his legal status.

The legible portions of the document read as followed:

BRIEF - EQ. Embassy brief - Summary

of current position Re Assange.

Action required - Assange to be

arrested under all circumstances.

He comes out with dip. immun.,

as dip. bag. in dip. bag (right to

life [maybe? unclear]) in dip. vehicle - ARRESTED.

Discuss possibility of distration.

SS1Ø to liease * provide additional

support. ----------------------

Deployment -----------------------

*P----------------- be contained


[hidden]ryday business.






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