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Morsi monitored by Egyptian activists

Website allows activists to track the new president.

Egyptian online activists, who claim not to be politically alligned, have set up a website named "Morsi Meter" to ensure that their newly elected president stays in line with his election promises.

The website claims to be launched in order to track Mohammed Morsi's first 100 days in office and includes two meters, one counting the days of his presidency and the other counting which of his 64 election promises he has fulfilled. Since Mursi has not yet taken office, both counters currently read "0".

A Facebook page has also been created with the same name in order to publicise the website and allow users to interact with updates to the site. The idea has already gained recognition with tens of thousands of "likes" on Facebook. This can perhaps be attributed to the activist Wael Ghonim, who tweeted the website to his 500,000 followers.

The benefits the service provides have also been praised by the blogger Wessam el-Beih, who tweeted that the "Morsi Meter is an excellent initiative to promote accountability".