Why Labour should hold its nerve on its apprentices for immigrants plan
By Tim Finch - 24 September 11:15

The policy will help drive a sustainable, jobs-rich, wage-enhancing recovery and convince the public that Labour is listening to its concerns about immigration.

Exclusive: Adonis warns that "incompetent" coalition must control costs if HS2 is to survive
By George Eaton - 24 September 8:57

The architect of High Speed 2 and the head of Labour's growth review says that Ed Balls's threat to withdraw support for the project has "raised the bar".

Miliband to pledge to build a million new homes in his speech
By George Eaton - 23 September 23:30

A mass housebuilding programme designed to stimulate growth and employment, and limit price rises, could be the game-changer Labour so badly needs.

Liam Byrne fights for his job with crowd-pleasing speech
By George Eaton - 23 September 17:06

After months of rumours that he's set for the chop, the shadow work and pensions secretary threw blow after blow at the Tories.

Balls's threat to abandon support for HS2 sets him up for war with Adonis
By George Eaton - 23 September 14:04

Andrew Adonis, the head of Labour's growth review and the architect of the project, has warned that cancelling the programme would be an "act of national self-mutilation".

How Labour can turn the economic recovery to its advantage
By Andrew Harrop - 23 September 10:45

Osborne's instinct will be to use the extra revenue for faster deficit reduction or tax cuts. But Labour can argue for an alternative centred around investment.

Labour dismisses alleged plan to remove child benefit from parents who refuse MMR jab
By George Eaton - 23 September 8:53

The party says the proposal, reportedly considered by Jon Cruddas, is "not part of the policy review" after opponents label it a "jab tax".

The Tories cynically veto Balls's plan to allow the OBR to audit Labour's manifesto
By George Eaton - 23 September 0:42

Osborne is determined to claim that there is a "black hole" in Labour's spending plans, whatever the Office for Budget Responsibility may say.

Labour's childcare plans will give women the support they need to work
By Luciana Berger - 22 September 17:48

Our pledge to provide all parents with access to childcare through their school from 8am-6pm will give men and women equal opportunity to succeed in the workplace.

New Statesman
How can we solve Britain's housing crisis?
By New Statesman - 22 September 12:47

Policymakers and experts from across the political spectrum each offer one suggestion.

Labour recognises that it can't build a One Nation country alone
By Rachel Reeves and Owen Smith - 22 September 11:21

We understand that governments, on their own, cannot fix everything. Families and communities, businesses and trade unions, civic society, and elected leaders at every level must play their part.

What to expect from Miliband's conference speech
By George Eaton - 22 September 10:51

A commitment to a mass housebuilding programme and plans to reduce energy price rises will be the centrepiece of his "cost of living" address.

Labour was founded as a party of action.
Labour's faith in community organising will lead it to victory
By Iain McNicol - 21 September 18:48

Labour was founded as a party of action, taking on local landlords, bosses and racketeers. Today we are reshaping the party to honour that tradition.

Labour is the only party that can be trusted to strengthen the minimum wage
By Kate Green - 21 September 18:06

The Tories and the Lib Dems' past opposition to the minimum wage shows why we should be sceptical of their warms words on low pay.

Balls contradicts Miliband as he backs third runway over HS2
By George Eaton - 21 September 12:26

Asked to choose between a third runway at Heathrow and High Speed 2, Balls replies: "third runway". Miliband would say the reverse.

Voters don’t think politicians have good ideas on living standards: why?
By Gavin Kelly - 21 September 10:36

All are blamed for the squeeze, all are being forced to compete on this terrain and all are struggling to be heard and believed, But the challenge is greatest for Labour.

Douglas Alexander's speech on the Scottish independence referendum: full text
By Douglas Alexander - 20 September 22:37

"The politics I believe in, an affirming politics of solidarity and possibility, cannot be built on the act of walking away from our neighbours."

Why Labour will consign the Bedroom Tax to the dustbin of history
By Sheila Gilmore - 20 September 18:51

For the vast majority of those affected, there is nowhere smaller to move to, leaving vulnerable people hit with extra costs through no fault of their own.

Miliband pledges that a Labour government will scrap the bedroom tax
By George Eaton - 20 September 18:08

Labour leader announces: "We’ll scrap the bedroom tax by abolishing the shady schemes of tax loopholes for the privileged few which the Tories keep inventing."

Clegg deserves the chance to finish what he's started
By Andrew Emmerson - 20 September 15:52

Despite what some on the left of the Lib Dems claim, we’re living out our principles in government.

New poll shows majority of the public oppose the bedroom tax
By George Eaton - 20 September 14:37

As Labour prepares to promise to repeal the measure, a new survey finds that 59% want to see it scrapped.

Labour has begun the work of building a mass party
By Phil Wilson - 20 September 13:51

While the Tories' membership dwindles, we are changing our party and processes to make politics relevant to ordinary people.

The Tories want to brand Miliband as "weak". But McBride presents him as strong
By George Eaton - 20 September 10:53

Damian McBride's account of Miliband's political ruthlessness in his new book doesn't suit the Tories' narrative.

Is Clegg's head no longer the price of a Labour-Lib Dem coalition?
By George Eaton - 20 September 8:29

Harriet Harman suggests that Ed Miliband would not force Nick Clegg to stand down before forming a coalition with the Lib Dems in 2015.

Farron suggests the Lib Dems will need to toughen their EU referendum stance
By Rafael Behr - 19 September 17:01

At an NS fringe event, the party president said the Lib Dems should "consider very hard" whether to name a date for an in/out vote.

Nick Clegg has robbed my party of its soul - he must go now
By Mathew Hulbert - 19 September 16:04

Those on the left of the party have been treated with contempt as Clegg seeks to transform the Lib Dems into a free market sect.

Why Labour can't wait any longer to pledge to scrap the bedroom tax
By George Eaton - 19 September 15:26

After surfing a new wave of outrage against the measure, the party can't turn back this time.

Labour must now clear a higher bar on the minimum wage
By James Plunkett - 19 September 12:13

Vince Cable's announcements have allowed the Lib Dems to make the running on low pay but they still leave an opportunity to set out a tougher approach.

Beyond Westminster, Labour is rebuilding itself as a movement
By Jon Cruddas - 19 September 9:40

In constituencies across the country, Labour is turning itself from a declining party of the twentieth century into a vital movement of the 21st.

The Tories draw level with Labour in new poll
By George Eaton - 19 September 8:09

The latest YouGov poll shows the two parties tied for the first time since March 2012 but the figures would still leave Labour just three seats short of a majority on a uniform swing.