Planned spending cuts go far beyond what is needed to end borrowing
By Nida Broughton - 03 December 14:59

The big news is what George Osborne didn’t mention.

Autumn Statement 2014: stamp duty overhaul and taxing multinationals
By Anoosh Chakelian - 03 December 13:27

The Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement to parliament today. What did he announce?

Peer and shadow foreign office minister expected to replace Emily Thornberry.
Labour reshuffle: Lord Bach expected to be named shadow attorney general
By George Eaton - 03 December 11:33

Peer and shadow foreign office minister set to replace Emily Thornberry. 

A Tory MP's view that we shouldn't rule out NHS cuts reveals the party's ideological split
By Anoosh Chakelian - 03 December 9:24

A respected thinker of the new Tory right-wing vanguard, Kwasi Kwarteng MP, has been secretly recorded suggesting the NHS budget shouldn't be protected.

Good cop, bad cop, steady cop? What to expect from the Autumn Statement
By Anoosh Chakelian - 03 December 8:32

The Chancellor will make his last Autumn Statement before the general election. What will it include?

Garden cities are a distraction – but the government's plan to build homes isn't
By Jonn Elledge - 02 December 16:57

The government has named Bicester in Oxfordshire as its second garden city, but to solve the housing crisis, we’d need to build six or seven of them every year.

The Pope of the poor and the Seven Deadly Sins of banking practice
By Molly Scott Cato - 02 December 16:45

Whether you choose the religious terminology of sin or the secular language of social harm, it is clear that banks have not been helping the poor but have focused on the wealthy few.

No spanking or bondage: why the government’s new porn laws are arbitrary and sexist
By Lauren Razavi - 02 December 13:23

The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 impose restrictions on the content of pornography made and sold within the UK with a perplexing ignorance.

The Treasury's flood defence plan leaves Britain dangerously exposed to climate change
By Guy Shrubsole - 02 December 12:40

New government plans for funding flood defences won't protect us.

"It's sad they've sunk to such depths": Tories use Ukip candidate's Turkish name on a leaflet
By Anoosh Chakelian - 02 December 12:19

The Conservatives in Thurrock have been accused of "cheap" tactics by putting Ukip candidate Tim Aker's little-used full Turkish name on a campaign leaflet.

Autumn Statement: the prospect for children’s benefits looks no brighter
By Lindsay Judge - 02 December 11:55

Since 2012, we haven’t seen a solitary reference to child poverty in any budget or Autumn Statement, and poverty rates are rising.

The Autumn Statement is George Osborne's last chance to help the "go-getters" on the high street
By Bill Grimsey - 02 December 9:55

Taking a million small businesses out of paying business rates altogether would send out a powerful message. 

Government and banks must tackle the overlooked financial element of domestic abuse
By Imogen Parker - 02 December 9:46

Time for government, banks and creditors to break the silence.

Labour accuses George Osborne of "spin" over NHS spending
By Anoosh Chakelian - 02 December 8:14

The shadow health secretary Andy Burnham accuses the Chancellor of "recycling" funds for health spending.

Sabotaging judicial review is one of this government's most vicious acts
By Andy Slaughter and Jeremy Beecham - 01 December 17:29

Removing the right for the individual to seek legal remedy for unlawful behaviour of the state – one of the coalition’s worst moments?

His role in saving the Union, his decisive action during the financial crisis and his championing of the NHS mark Brown out as a political colossus of a kind we never see again.
Gordon Brown leaves British politics with a legacy few can rival
By George Eaton - 01 December 17:13

His role in saving the Union, his decisive action during the financial crisis and his championing of the NHS mark Brown out as a political colossus of a kind we will rarely see again. 

Ed Miliband's seat looks far safer than we thought, after a polling correction
By Anoosh Chakelian - 01 December 15:47

It's far more likely the Labour leader will keep his constituency, Doncaster North, than was suggested last week.

Young people have turned on Nick Clegg. Photo: Flickr/Jason
Why young people could be even easier to ignore at the next election
By Tim Wigmore - 01 December 14:24

The political generation gap could widen as a new voter registration system could stop students voting.

Gordon Brown is to confirm he is standing down at the next election
By Anoosh Chakelian - 01 December 12:54

The former Prime Minister will confirm later today that he will not be running as an MP again.

World Aids Day: why the global diplomatic response to HIV/Aids needs remobilising
By Gareth Thomas - 01 December 11:41

The prevalence of HIV/Aids in Swaziland shows we must redouble international efforts to tackle the epidemic.

Ed Miliband: the government's economic failure has cost every taxpayer £4,000
By Anoosh Chakelian - 01 December 9:48

The Labour leader today will announce new figures condemning the coalition's failure to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

More borrowing and a stubborn deficit: what will we hear in the Autumn Statement?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 01 December 8:42

George Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement on Wednesday. What will it contain?

The Chancellor says he has "no plans" to increase the tax: the same phrase he used before the 2010 increase.
Osborne refuses to rule out raising VAT after promising £2bn for NHS
By George Eaton - 30 November 10:44

The Chancellor says he"doesn't have any plans" to increase the tax: the same phrase he used before the 2010 increase. 

The Chancellor has shifted his focus from an absolute surplus to a current surplus.
How Osborne watered down his deficit reduction vote
By George Eaton - 28 November 16:52

The Chancellor has shifted his focus from an absolute surplus to a current surplus. 

We should welcome devolution to Scotland, but let’s not leave London behind
By David Lammy - 28 November 15:55

Radical devolution means new powers for cities, regions and local communities around the country.

Conservatives are pushing for stronger laws to face the threat from Islamic State
By Grant Shapps - 28 November 14:38

How the Communications Data Bill is intended to tackle Islamic State.

Why cracking down on "benefits tourism" won't get David Cameron very far
By Anoosh Chakelian - 28 November 12:34

Central to the Prime Minister's plan to "toughen" his stance on immigration is to curb welfare to migrants. But "benefits tourism" is a myth.