Why the Tories will have to consider NHS charges after 2015
By George Eaton - 24 June 13:30

With George Osborne determined to avoid further tax rises, patient charges will be the only way to solve the health funding crisis.

Miliband's offer of austerity in a red rosette is failing voters
By Mark Serwotka - 24 June 11:44

If austerity is wrong and counter-productive when the Tories do it, it will be wrong and counter-productive whoever does it.

Labour promises higher benefits for older people, but who will pay?
By George Eaton - 24 June 9:03

Having pledged to stick to Osborne's spending limits, more generous benefits for some will need to be paid for by cuts or tax rises elsewhere.

Labour needs to go much further on fiscal responsibility
By Hopi Sen and Anthony Painter - 21 June 16:39

The party should publish a series of potential fiscal rules for discussion and replace the VAT cut with a stimulus based on growth-raising capital investment.

Labour steals a march on the Tories by vowing to punish land hoarding
By George Eaton - 21 June 14:59

Miliband says councils could be given the power to fine developers who fail to build on sites with planning permission, or to buy the land back.

Beyond satire: the Tory right's "alternative Queen's Speech"
By George Eaton - 21 June 11:38

Bills to privatise the BBC, restore the death penalty, ban the burqa, leave the EU and introduce Margaret Thatcher Day are among the 40 proposed by Tory MPs.

Watch: Nigel Farage denounces tax avoidance in speech last month
By George Eaton - 21 June 9:18

The UKIP leader, who set up an offshore tax fund on the Isle of Man, told the European parliament that tax avoidance was about "the perception of fairness".

Farage admits offshore tax fund was a mistake: "I'm not rich enough"
By George Eaton - 21 June 8:36

A bad day for UKIP as Farage's tax avoidance is exposed and the party loses its deposit in the Aberdeen Donside by-election.

Who’s who on Team Miliband
By George Eaton - 20 June 15:13

The strategists, the fixers and the wonks.

The Lib Dems: the party with as many knights as women MPs
By George Eaton - 20 June 13:47

After the knighting of Andrew Stunnell, the party now has seven knights and seven women MPs.

How Cameron failed developing countries at the G8
By Ivan Lewis - 20 June 12:31

From the beginning, the Prime Minister repeatedly failed to show the leadership on tax avoidance and transparency this summit needed.

Austerity after 2015: why the worst is yet to come
By Matthew Whittaker - 20 June 9:52

Without further welfare cuts or tax rises, the next government will have to cut departmental spending 50% faster.

New Statesman
Will anyone break the tax taboo?
By George Eaton - 20 June 8:56

The planned pace of cuts is unachievable. All parties need to talk about tax rises.

No. 10's Potemkin summit on internet porn solved nothing
By Rafael Behr - 19 June 18:11

Did it really take a choreographed Downing Street tea party to get an extra £1m for the Internet Watch Foundation?

How Osborne backed down on an RBS firesale
By George Eaton - 19 June 17:30

Having previously briefed that Osborne was planning a pre-election give-away of shares, the Tories changed tack after Balls's intervention.

Exclusive: Alex Salmond on his youth jobs right, the bedroom tax and why he will win
By George Eaton - 19 June 16:13

In a rare interview, Salmond declares "the real game hasn’t even started" and reveals that a written Scottish constitution would guarantee every young person the right to a job or training.

PMQs review: Cameron wrongfoots Miliband on the banks
By George Eaton - 19 June 13:29

After being surprised by Cameron's commitment to banking reform, the Labour leader struggled to regain his poise.

Why Britain can't afford to fall behind in the race for soft power
By John Holden - 19 June 10:46

The west must maintain its financial support for culture and cultural diplomacy. If it fails to do so, China’s gain in global influence and trade will be our loss.

The unsqueezed top: how bankers' pay has already returned to its peak
By George Eaton - 19 June 8:54

The new report from the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards busts the myth that pay has fallen since the crash.

Whether under Labour or the Tories, free schools and academies need to be managed
By Jonathan Clifton - 18 June 16:45

The education department cannot be expected to oversee more than 3,000 schools. We need local commissioners to act as champions for standards.

Cameron insists the culture department will survive, but in what form?
By George Eaton - 18 June 14:44

Maria Miller refuses to deny that her department will lose some of its responsibilities in the Spending Review.

If Miliband is serious about tackling low pay, he needs to embrace the unions
By James Bloodworth - 18 June 13:43

The one thing proven to improve the conditions and pay of workers across the board is trade unionism. Labour should do more to champion it.

Why Cable is right to fight back against university cuts
By George Eaton - 18 June 10:17

The UK already invests less in higher education than every other OECD member state except Japan.

The Prime Minister's decision to advertise the lavish treatment.
Cameron's tweeting of the G8's luxury menu shows his blind spot
By George Eaton - 18 June 7:57

The Prime Minister's decision to advertise the lavish dinner enjoyed by the leaders is the quickest way of reminding everyone that we're not "all in this together".

How Cameron and Clegg could reach a deal on cutting pensioner benefits
By George Eaton - 17 June 15:08

The coalition could pledge to means-test benefits from April 2015 and promise to increase them the previous year to ensure no one is left out of pocket.

A Labour U-turn on free schools? It's not that simple
By Rafael Behr - 17 June 14:07

Stephen Twigg's speech was neither a capitulation to Gove’s agenda nor a ferocious reaction against it.

How 'Facebook welfare' could reshape the benefits system
By Ian Mulheirn - 17 June 11:19

Putting social relationships, rather than the impersonal state, at the heart of the welfare system offers a route out of the negative debate about ‘scroungers’.

David Miliband on what Labour needs to do to win, Blue Labour and his future
By Marcus Hobley - 17 June 9:26

"It does feel as if I have been going around attending various versions of my own funeral". Some highlights from a recent evening with the former foreign secretary at the Danish embassy.

Cameron's political isolation on Syria grows
By George Eaton - 17 June 8:59

Labour, the Lib Dems, two-thirds of Tory MPs and, now, Boris Johnson are all opposed to arming the rebels. This is an argument Cameron cannot win.

Arming the Syrian rebels would be an act of historic folly
By John Baron MP - 14 June 20:56

Adding weapons to a civil war will only exacerbate Syria's suffering. The UK must not follow the American lead.