Labour's new frontbench team: the full list
By George Eaton - 08 October 18:20

Who's who in Miliband's new shadow ministerial line-up.

Miliband's challenge: can you freeze energy bills and cut carbon at the same time?
By Damian Kahya - 08 October 17:24

The Labour leader may need to move some of the cost of energy efficiency schemes from consumer bills to taxation.

Labour sends Cameron another warning over HS2
By George Eaton - 08 October 15:08

New shadow transport secretary Mary Creagh echoes Ed Balls's argument that the £50bn for the project could potentially be better spent elsewhere.

Diane Abbott sacked as shadow public health minister
By George Eaton - 08 October 13:46

"Ed wanted more message discipline," says the former Labour leadership candidate.

Tommy Robinson's resignation from the EDL is just a tactical retreat
By George Eaton - 08 October 10:49

There is no evidence that Robinson has renounced his extremists views, merely that he believes street demonstrations are "no longer productive".

Neither old nor new; neither Blair nor Brown – but wholly Milibandist.
Miliband's reshuffle was post-Blairite, not anti-Blairite
By Rafael Behr - 08 October 9:43

The changes were designed to accelerate the process of re-branding Labour as neither old nor new; neither Blair nor Brown – but wholly Milibandist.

Labour reshuffle: Miliband has rewarded the outriders for his project
By George Eaton - 08 October 9:21

Tristram Hunt and Gloria De Piero, two notionally "Blairite" figures, distinguished themselves by engaging with Miliband's political and ideological themes.

Labour and government reshuffles: live updates
By George Eaton - 07 October 18:17

The news of who's up and who's down as David Cameron and Ed Miliband refresh their teams.

Labour's new shadow cabinet: the full list
By George Eaton - 07 October 16:37

All the details of Ed Miliband's new team.

Why Michael Moore's sacking as Scottish Secretary will weaken the No campaign
By James Maxwell - 07 October 15:30

The Lib Dem was a formidable opponent because his measured, moderate unionism was difficult for the nationalists to deal with.

Boris's call for tax relief on season tickets is a gimmick to hide his failures
By Andrew Adonis - 07 October 13:10

The majority of lower-income Londoners don't have season tickets and will continue to suffer from above-inflation fare rises.

Lib Dem Scottish Secretary Michael Moore sacked in reshuffle
By George Eaton - 07 October 9:55

Moore will be replaced by Lib Dem chief whip Alistair Carmichael.

Labour health team criticises Sun front page on murders by "mental patients"
By George Eaton - 07 October 8:13

A spokesperson for Andy Burnham tells The Staggers that the paper's headline is "a disgraceful reinforcement of the stigma against those with mental illness".

Chloe Smith and John Randall resign ahead of government reshuffle
By George Eaton - 06 October 22:26

Cabinet Office minister and deputy chief whip jump ship.

What's so bad about a Blue Peter economy anyway?
By Caroline Macfarland - 06 October 11:45

If Cameron was referring to an economy that takes apart the assumptions and bad habits which led to the problems of the past, that might be seen as a sign of progress.

The Daily Mail has its better angels too
By Sunder Katwala - 05 October 16:35

Whatever its faults, the paper was responsible for the best, most courageous and most impactful newspaper front page of my lifetime - on Stephen Lawrence.

The Lib Dems have enabled Labour and the Tories to pursue core vote strategies
By Richard Morris - 04 October 17:46

Safe in the knowledge that Clegg will seek another coalition, the target for Labour and the Tories, in many ways, is just to beat the other party.

Conservatives shouldn't be allowed to forget the crimes of the anti-communist right
By James Bloodworth - 04 October 14:57

Millions of dead in Indochina, the funding and arming of Apartheid South Africa, and Pinochet's coup make a nonsense of lazy distinctions between the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys'.

How Labour is re-engaging non-voters
By Lucy Powell - 04 October 12:06

The party is responding to the sense that governments are powerless in the face of vested interests.

The right is trying to do to Miliband what conservatives did to John Kerry
By Hopi Sen - 04 October 10:52

The attacks on Miliband are designed to create the impression in voters' minds that he is not like them: a Marxist elitist, a child of privilege, an out-of-touch metropolitan leftist.

Miliband warns the Mail that it can't rely on "rogue reporter" defence
By George Eaton - 04 October 9:15

An echo of the phone-hacking scandal as the Labour leader calls for the Mail papers to hold an inquiry into their "culture and practices".

The New Statesman columnist denounces the paper.
Watch: Mehdi Hasan smacks down the Daily Mail on Question Time
By George Eaton - 04 October 8:03

The New Statesman columnist denounces the "immigrant-bashing, woman-hating, Muslim-smearing, NHS-undermining, gay-baiting Daily Mail".

The strange non-death of George Osborne
By George Eaton - 03 October 16:23

After leaving the political sick ward, the Chancellor is again being spoken of as a possible successor to Cameron.

What Salmond could learn from Miliband
By James Maxwell - 03 October 15:16

The Labour leader has displayed a willingness to confront "vested interests" generally lacking in the Scottish First Minister.

Mail on Sunday apologises to Miliband after gatecrashing his uncle's memorial service
By George Eaton - 03 October 13:24

Editor Geordie Greig suspends two journalists and says the reporter was sent without his knowledge.

Nick Clegg: it's the Daily Mail that really hates Britain
By George Eaton - 03 October 10:20

"It seems to me that if anyone excels in denigrating and often vilifying a lot about modern Britain, it's the Daily Mail," says Clegg on his LBC show.

Labour leads on living standards, the Tories lead on the economy. Who will break the deadlock?
By George Eaton - 03 October 8:43

The party that triumphs in 2015 will be that which seeks to address its weaknesses, rather than merely playing to its strengths.

The Tories should fight the real Ed Miliband, not a Bolshevik straw man
By Rafael Behr - 02 October 22:15

Cameron and Osborne should be wary of defining socialism so broadly as to encompass any political resentment of a complacent corporate status quo.

Labour source: party has won 200 new members since Daily Mail row
By George Eaton - 02 October 13:39

The party tells The Staggers that 15,000 people have also signed Miliband's "call for decency in British politics".

New Statesman
David Cameron has Miliband on his mind and nothing new to say
By Rafael Behr - 02 October 13:37

Cameron’s speech failed to address the underlying challenge that the opposition leader posed: how and when should government intervene in private markets that are failing to deliver for voters?