Osborne won the battle on austerity, now Labour must look to the future
By David Blanchflower - 13 September 11:47

Rather than re-running the arguments of 2010, the party must start and sustain a debate about what a good, healthy economy looks like.

The Lib Dems are now in danger of excessive optimism
By George Eaton - 13 September 8:54

Even on a generous reading, the party is still on course to lose nearly half of its 57 seats.

The coalition shouldn't assume that there is no limit to public support for welfare cuts
By Alison Garnham - 12 September 16:28

With the government viewed as out of touch with families on low incomes, the mood could yet turn against austerity.

Jeremy Browne's attack on Labour shows how the Lib Dems are divided on their future
By George Eaton - 12 September 15:18

While Tim Farron heaped praise on Ed Miliband, Browne says that Labour is "intellectually lazy" and suffering from a "leadership void".

Mark Carney: spending cuts have been "a drag on growth"
By George Eaton - 12 September 13:54

The Bank of England governor tells MPs what George Osborne doesn't want you to hear.

Jim Murphy brands Tim Farron a "sanctimonious little plotter"
By George Eaton - 12 September 11:41

The shadow defence secretary is not impressed by the Lib Dem president's paean of praise to Ed Miliband in the New Statesman.

Planning for a pay rise – could 'forward guidance' work for Britain’s low paid workers?
By Gavin Kelly - 12 September 10:54

The Low Pay Commission should consider setting out how the minimum wage would increase over time if the recovery is sustained.

The coalition aims to push through Royal Mail privatisation before strike action
By George Eaton - 12 September 8:57

In defiance of 96% of Royal Mail workers, ministers hope to complete the sell-off in advance of a nationwide strike.

Exclusive: Tim Farron interview: "I really like Ed Miliband, I don't want to diss him"
By George Eaton - 11 September 14:24

The Liberal Democrat president lavishes praise on the Labour leader and says "I don’t want join in with the Tories who compare him to Kinnock."

PMQs review: the problem for Miliband is that the numbers are moving in Cameron's favour
By George Eaton - 11 September 13:17

In politics, trajectory is everything. The return of growth and falling unemployment means that Miliband now struggles to discomfort the PM.

Recovery or not, the problem for Labour is that the Tories have framed the debate
By Carys Afoko - 11 September 11:33

The opposition should worry less about the growth rate and more about developing its own story about the economy.

Grant Shapps dismisses UN housing expert as "a woman from Brazil"
By George Eaton - 11 September 9:25

The Conservative chairman brands Raquel Rolnik an "absolute disgrace" after she warns that the bedroom tax is having a "shocking" effect on the vulnerable.

Cable pours cold water on Osborne's green shoots
By George Eaton - 11 September 8:23

After the Chancellor declared that Britain was "turning the corner", the Business Secretary warns against "complacency", generated by "a few quarters of good economic data."

What Osborne won't admit: growth has increased because of slower cuts
By Jonathan Portes - 10 September 15:25

The Chancellor's claim that "the pace of fiscal consolidation has not changed" is not supported by any of the available data.

The new Tory authoritarians are trying to gag debate
By Angela Eagle - 10 September 14:09

Ministers want to silence charities and social groups for daring to highlight the damaging effects of Conservative policy.

Did Miliband reveal the theme of his Labour conference speech today?
By George Eaton - 10 September 12:57

The emphasis that Miliband put on building more houses in his TUC speech suggests that a big announcement could soon follow.

Ed Miliband's speech to the TUC: full text
By New Statesman - 10 September 11:52

The Labour leader says his trade union reforms mean Labour could become a party "not of 200,000 people, but 500,000 or many more."

Why Miliband's trade union reforms are good for the left and for democracy
By Salman Shaheen - 10 September 10:29

If Labour is forced to compete with other progressive parties for millions in union funding, it is more likely to listen to what workers want.

The austerity backlash: public support for the welfare state rises
By George Eaton - 10 September 9:13

The 2013 British Social Attitudes report shows a significant rise in support for higher benefits even if it means higher taxes.

New Statesman
Miliband goes on the attack as he compares Cameron to Thatcher and Romney
By George Eaton - 09 September 22:00

Labour leader will say in his TUC speech that Cameron's declaration that trade unions are a "threat to our economy" was reminiscent of Thatcher's "the enemy within" and Romney's "47%".

Free Tory membership for trade unionists is a great idea - but will Cameron buy it?
By George Eaton - 09 September 16:06

David Skelton's proposal shows how the Tories could begin to expand their appeal but the PM seems happiest playing the old tunes.

What George Osborne doesn't want you to know about the economy
By George Eaton - 09 September 14:08

Including, this is still the slowest recovery for 100 years, the economy is 2.9% smaller and most people are still getting poorer.

How the coalition is failing to stand up for consumers
By Ian Murray - 09 September 12:38

The government has consistently resisted measures which would tackle the living standards crisis.

The TUC general secretary.
Frances O'Grady's speech to the TUC conference: full text
By New Statesman - 09 September 11:26

The TUC general secretary says that "before he starts lecturing unions about transparency, the Prime Minister should take a long hard look in the mirror".

Miliband's plan to crackdown on zero-hour contracts is the start of Labour's gear change
By George Eaton - 09 September 8:40

After spending the summer telling voters how badly off they are under the coalition, Miliband plans to spend the autumn outlining how they would be better off under Labour.

The new ‘progressive’ conservatism is a threat to the centre-left
By Patrick Diamond - 08 September 9:49

Across Europe, the dramatic shift of political strategy is still poorly understood by progressives.

Labour clears Unite of any wrongdoing in Falkirk selection contest
By George Eaton - 06 September 17:14

The party says "no organisation or individual has been found to have breached the rules" and reinstates suspended members Karie Murphy and Stephen Deans.

The Trussell Trust hits out at Cameron: the coalition has broken its agreement with foodbanks
By Rowenna Davis - 06 September 16:37

The head of the UK's biggest foodbank network says the PM is wrong to claim that job centres have been allowed to give out vouchers.

The Lib Dem leadership finally sees sense on Secret Courts
By Richard Morris - 06 September 14:57

No government policy has made party members unhappier. Fortunately, Clegg is about to pledge to repeal it.

Labour MPs do not regret the outcome of the Syria vote
By Emma Reynolds - 06 September 14:03

The party was right to demand full evidence should precede any decision - Cameron was in a rush to prove himself a world leader.