Liberal Democrat Eastleigh by-election candidate Mike Thornton celebrates.
The other Lib Dem by-election triumph: Berrylands
By Richard Morris - 01 March 14:03

The party's victory over the Tories in last night's council by-election in London offers even greater evidence of Lib Dem resilience.

David Cameron addresses the media at the headquarters of the EU Council.
After Eastleigh, the Tories need to end their UKIP tribute act
By Rafael Behr - 01 March 11:27

When Conservatives, including Cameron, indicate their eagerness to be a little bit more like UKIP, all they do is give Nigel Farage the credit for setting the agenda.

Eastleigh shows why the Tories will struggle to avoid defeat in 2015
By George Eaton - 01 March 9:41

If the Lib Dems benefit from an incumbency factor and UKIP splits the right-wing vote, the Tories will be the big losers.

UKIP Eastleigh candidate Diane James is joined by party leader Nigel Farage.
Disaster for Cameron as Lib Dems win Eastleigh and UKIP beat the Tories
By George Eaton - 01 March 2:22

The PM faces a backlash after the Lib Dems win the by-election and the Tories finish behind UKIP in third place.

Lib Dems predict victory in Eastleigh, with UKIP in second
By George Eaton - 01 March 1:16

Counting in the by-election continues as the Lib Dems say they have held the seat and predict that UKIP has beaten the Tories.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond.
Why independence will disappoint the tartan libertarians
By James Maxwell - 28 February 8:37

Scotland will not be forced to adopt a scorched earth approach to public spending if it leaves the UK.

How Fleet Street is still misleading the public over climate change
By Bob Ward - 27 February 16:26

The right-wing press is attempting to fool the public into believing that its opposition to green policies is based on robust evidence, rather than dogmatic ideology.

It’s hard to see how Balls and Osborne can both survive the next Budget. Who will fall?
By Rafael Behr - 27 February 15:38

If the Chancellor wriggles free again, Balls’s detractors inside Labour will be howling for blood.

New Statesman
PMQs review: Miliband's New Statesman jibe backfires
By George Eaton - 27 February 13:25

After claiming that Cameron was "scraping the barrel" by quoting the NS, the Labour leader was promptly reminded that it endorsed his leadership.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg leaves his home.
How Clegg changed his line on Rennard's resignation
By George Eaton - 27 February 9:49

After previously suggesting that the Lib Dem chief executive resigned on "health grounds" alone, Clegg admits that concerns over his "inappropriate behaviour" were "in the background".

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt speaks at the Conservative conference in Manchester
Will the Lib Dems halt Hunt's backdoor NHS privatisation?
By George Eaton - 27 February 9:06

Health secretary promises to address "concerns" over Section 75 of the NHS bill after pressure from Lib Dems and Labour.

Why the Lib Dems could have almost no female MPs after the next election
By George Eaton - 26 February 16:18

Five of the Lib Dems' seven female MPs hold seats among the party's 12 most vulnerable and none hold any of the 20 safest.

Labour steps up its 50p tax attack with new "Tory Millionaire's Day" campaign
By George Eaton - 26 February 14:40

Ahead of the abolition of the 50p tax rate on 6 April, Labour looks again to paint the Tories as the party of the rich.

Why doesn’t Labour face a UKIP of the left?
By Kevin Meagher - 26 February 11:17

The loyalty of the trade unions to Labour, the rebirth of street politics and, in Scotland and Wales, Plaid Cymru and the SNP help explain why the party faces no effective challenge from the left.

Nick Clegg and Liberal Democrat Eastleigh by-election candidate Mike Thornton.
Why, despite everything, the Lib Dems are still set to win Eastleigh
By George Eaton - 26 February 8:56

A new poll from Lord Ashcroft putting the Lib Dems five points ahead in the by-election shows that local issues continue to take precedence over national ones.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and David Cameron.
The Lib Dems' identity crisis just got a lot more critical
By Rafael Behr - 26 February 7:44

Coalition was meant to be a journey to political maturity and professionalism. But it's amateur hour yet again.

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls at the Labour conference in Manchester last year.
Labour needs an answer to Osborne's charge that it would "borrow more"
By George Eaton - 25 February 17:23

If the party wants to attack Osborne on this territory, it needs to explain why and how it would borrow for growth.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell with Chris Rennard.
Lib Dem candidate: "we are going on about whether somebody put his hand on somebody's knee...this isn't a Jimmy Savile case"
By George Eaton - 25 February 14:36

Party candidate Jasper Gerard claims that allegations of sexual misconduct against Chris Rennard have been "blown out of all proportion".

David Cameron sits alongside Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings.
Eastleigh is now even more of a must-win for the Tories
By George Eaton - 25 February 13:12

The Huhne and Rennard scandals mean defeat will be portrayed as a humiliating set-back for Cameron.

Party members listen to a policy motion at the Liberal Democrat conference.
The Lib Dem grass roots deserved better from the leadership
By Richard Morris - 25 February 11:55

The hundreds of activists stuffing envelopes in Eastleigh have been let down by the party's hopelessly inadequate response to the Rennard allegations five years ago.

Danny Alexander and Nick Clegg at last year's Liberal Democrat conference in Bri
"We screwed this up" The Lib Dems flail after Clegg's admission
By George Eaton - 25 February 8:55

Party president Tim Farron admits the Lib Dems "screwed up" as Clegg insists there is "nothing to hide".

Osborne humiliated as UK loses AAA credit rating
By George Eaton - 22 February 22:50

The Chancellor chose to make Britain's AAA credit rating the ultimate test of economic stability. Tonight, he has been hoist with his own petard.

What happens if England votes no and Scotland votes yes to the EU?
By Glenn Gottfried - 22 February 16:29

If England pulls Scotland out of the EU against its will, the independence cause could be re-energised.

Will Cameron's five nightmares come true?
By George Eaton - 22 February 14:21

Defeat in Eastleigh, a higher deficit, a triple-dip recession, poor local election results and the loss of Britain's AAA rating could prompt a new revolt by Tory MPs.

Caroline Lucas became the first Green MP when she won Brighton Pavilion at the 2
Happy birthday to Britain's fourth party (that's the Greens, not Ukip)
By Tim Wigmore - 22 February 11:12

Nigel Farage's party would crave UK political representation to match that of the Greens.

John Prescott presents his battered 1997 general election pledge card.
The end of pledge-card politics?
By Gavin Kelly - 22 February 10:05

No, but it’s struggling to catch up with the challenge of 2015.

Ed Miliband addresses workers at Islington Town Hall.
The public support a universal living wage - even if it costs jobs
By George Eaton - 22 February 9:49

Sixty per cent of workers agree that the minimum wage should be raised to the level of the living wage.

Left and right agree: Ed Balls shouldn't fall on his sword
By Tim Wigmore - 21 February 16:06

Anthony Seldon's New Statesman column provokes debate.

Ed Miliband and Swedish Social Democratic leader Stefan Lofven.
What Miliband's Sweden trip told us about Labour's tax policy
By George Eaton - 21 February 13:02

The Labour leader's commitment to "fairer", rather than "higher" taxes, suggests the party will not seek to significantly increase the overall tax burden.

Conservative Eastleigh by-election candidate Maria Hutchings with David Cameron.
Has anyone seen Maria Hutchings? Lib Dems go on the attack
By George Eaton - 21 February 10:21

Tories accused of hiding Eastleigh by-election candidate after she stays away from Radio 5 Live debate.