About that Liberal Democrat "private polling"...
By Stephen Bush - 10 March 13:29

The Liberal Democrats made a splash with their private polling. But the published results indicate that they may be grasping at straws.

Social segregation is rising - what's to be done about it?
By Matthew Taylor - 10 March 11:59

Social segregation - of races, classes and religions - is on the rise in Britain. A new report suggests ways out of the mess.

Philip Hammond: Russia could be the "single greatest threat" to UK security
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 March 10:46

The Foreign Secretary warns about the threat Russia poses to Britain's security, seeing relations going from prickly to poor.

Gordon Brown sounds a warning on Europe
By Stephen Bush - 10 March 9:19

Gordon Brown is worried that the pro-Europeans are blundering into a referendum defeat. He's not the only one. 

It's not just "boozy" northern cities: health inequality is a national disease
By Dan Holden - 09 March 15:04

Health inequality is a big issue in the UK: tackling it will help income inequality, the NHS and the economy, but the causes of it are not as straightforward as they seem.

Labour's latest PPC has an unbelievable backstory
By Stephen Bush - 09 March 15:02

Naz Shah, the newly-selected Labour candidate in Bradford West, has shed light on her remarkable life.

The low point in 2000 pre-dated the government's spending increases for health and education.
"Public spending was 35% under you!" How Labour plans to rebut this Tory attack
By George Eaton - 09 March 15:00

The low point in 2000 pre-dated the government's spending increases for health and education. 

Oliver Cromwell, Alex Salmond, and the obsession with high-information voters
By Stephen Bush - 09 March 14:09

All of the parties are obsessing over high-information voters. But the people who'll decide the election are messing around on Netflix, juggling childcare, or down the pub.

How do we make the fit-for-work tests fit for purpose?
By James Bolton - 09 March 11:40

Maximus has just taken over the running of the controversial Work Capability Assessment from Atos. What’s broken and how can they fix it?

Say hello to the Tories' secret weapon: Alex Salmond
By Stephen Bush - 09 March 9:27

The SNP has already ended Labour's hopes of a majority. The Conservatives believe it can do even more damage to them than that.

Nation-states aren't households: debating their economies as if they are is stupid
By Eliane Glaser - 09 March 8:30

Our economic debate is conducted in terms of household budgets - a handbag economy. But the economy isn't a handbag, and this "debate" closes down real alternatives to the neoliberal consensus. 

The shadow chancellor will unveil a full analysis of how the Tories' plans would hit public services.
Balls launches new assault on Osborne's "extreme" cuts
By George Eaton - 09 March 0:00

The shadow chancellor will unveil a full analysis of how the Tories' plans would hit public services. 

"I am in my 20s, and I am already getting tired": a woman blogs on her experience in the workplace
By Anon - 08 March 11:54

A woman blogs anonymously on her experiences in the work place for International Women's Day.

Voting in El Salvador. (Photo: Getty)
Women are at risk of falling off the electoral register - and out of the political debate
By Abena Oppong-Asare - 08 March 7:53

Turnout was lower among women than men at the last election, and the problem could get worse.

Leslee Udwin, the documentary-maker whose film, India's Daughter, has been censored on the sub-continent. (Photo:Getty)
The attitudes expressed towards women in India's Daughter are chilling. But they're also universal
By Emily Dyer - 08 March 7:50

India's Daughter has exposed that country's rape culture. But don't imagine that these attitudes aren't found around the world. 

Labour pledges law to ensure debates happen at every election
By Stephen Bush - 07 March 23:15

Labour are trying to keep the debates in people's minds - but if they're not careful, they run the risk of making fools themselves

Barbara Castle with Harold Wilson at a Labour party conference. Photo: The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
We need a new Equal Pay Act
By Emily Thornberry - 07 March 20:00

It has been 45 years since Barbara Castle’s Equal Pay Act - and we still don't have equal pay. So what would an updated act need to cover? Emily Thornberry explains.

Ed Miliband confirms he will attend the leaders' debates
By Stephen Bush - 07 March 15:31

Ed Miliband has given David Cameron both barrels as he aims to keep the pressure on the Prime Minister.

The broadcasters hold firm on the TV election debates, leaving David Cameron facing an empty chair
By Stephen Bush - 06 March 17:34

The broadcasters are refusing to accede to the prime minister's proposals.

Western weakness and indecision has fanned the flames in Ukraine
By David Clark - 06 March 15:31

The West's politicians have emboldened Vladimir Putin with their mistakes and indecision. They need to send a signal he can't ignore.

The NHS is under threat - from the Conservatives, and Ukip
By Jon Trickett - 06 March 12:48

The NHS is Labour's finest achievement. But it's under threat from five more years of the Conservatives

Labour believe that Ed Miliband will confound expectations in the debates. Photo: Getty
Labour hit Cameron on debates - but the status quo favours Miliband
By Stephen Bush - 06 March 10:04

Labour have released a video attacking David Cameron for ducking out of the debates. But it may well be Ed Miliband who has the most to gain if they don't take place. 

"You can't be a little bit equal" - Tessa Jowell calls for boardroom quotas
By Tessa Jowell - 06 March 9:01

Germany will require women to make up 30 per cent of members of large boards by 2020. We must do the same here.

Today, Natalie Bennett must deliver the speech of her life
By Adam Ramsay - 06 March 8:43

At Green Party conference, Natalie Bennett must give the speech that takes her party to the next level

Forget leaving - Britain does best at the heart of Europe
By Tim Farron - 05 March 16:24

Victory at the European Court of Justice shows Britain's interests are best served fighting its corner in Europe, not sulking on the sidelines

I'm sorry Tristram Hunt, but careers education won't make girls more ambitious
By June Eric-Udorie - 05 March 14:42

Tristram Hunt's plans for careers education for girls won't make us more ambitious - and I should know.

There's no productivity puzzle: it's the consequence of austerity
By Geoff Tily - 05 March 10:09

Britain's low productivity has become the fashionable malaise as far as our commentators are concerned. But the real problem is austerity. 

The prime minister's proposals will wreck any chance of debates
By Stephen Bush - 05 March 9:15

David Cameron's "final offer" will achieve what he wants, and kill off the televised debates. That's bad news for Ed Miliband and the voters - and the Prime Minister might just regret it.

The former PM confirms last year's New Statesman story by giving £1,000 to each of the party's 106 target seat candidates.
Blair makes his big donation to Labour
By George Eaton - 04 March 23:15

The former PM confirms last year's New Statesman story by giving £1,000 to each of the party's 106 target seat candidates.

‘Experts’ don’t think SNP will fade, but inexplicably predict they will only win 29 seats
By Harry Lambert - 04 March 16:29

More than 500 pundits, mostly academics, have offered their election predictions. Their forecasts don’t quite add up.