Chuka Umunna addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Labour's next split: the referendum
By Stephen Bush - 06 June 9:30

Labour may soon find itself just as riven by Europe as the Conservative Party.

Caroline Flint launches her candidacy at Progress conference. Photo: Getty Images
Labour deputy leadership candidate Caroline Flint unveils another 12 supporters
By Stephen Bush - 06 June 8:50

Caroline Flint has revealed the names of 12 more supporters, taking her total to 24 overall.

The First Minister, Peter Robinson, outside Stormont. Photo: Getty Images
Why an argument over welfare reform could have big consequences for Northern Ireland
By Ciara Dunne - 05 June 15:57

Welfare reform could have momentous consequences for Northern Ireland and the future of the Stormont parliament.

For sale signs go up outside a house in London. Photo: Getty Images
Solving the housing crisis will be at the heart of my mayoralty
By Sadiq Khan - 05 June 14:00

The single biggest thing that Londoners need from their next Mayor: a solution to the housing crisis.

Visitors to the National Gallery. Photo: Getty Images
The story of Britain is the story of immigration - and we must stand up for it
By Keith Burnett - 05 June 13:49

Immigration is part of our history, and our future must be neither narrow nor fragmented.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses a Stop the War rally. Photo: Garry Knight/Flickr
Will Jeremy Corbyn make the ballot?
By Stephen Bush - 05 June 11:28

Jeremy Corbyn, the leftwing MP, has announced he will seek nominations for the Labour leadership race. His chances are better than they look.

Anti-market campaigners in 1975. Photo: Getty Images
Don't look back in anger: why both In and Out must move on 1975
By Sunder Katwala - 05 June 8:59

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Britain's last referendum on its membership of the European Union. But both In and Out must move on from that contest if they are to win the next one.

Voters head to the polling station on May 7 2015. Photo: Getty
It's not just what Labour does, but how the party does it, that needs to change
By Stella Creasy - 05 June 8:00

The way Labour does politics must change - or the party will simply lose again.

The former leader has quickly taken up the cause he championed in office.
Miliband's inequality speech shows he will be a participant in Labour's future
By George Eaton - 04 June 17:40

The former leader has quickly taken up the cause he championed in office.

A huge blaze following confrontation in Tripoli. Photo: Getty Images
Where next for Libya?
By Daniel Kawczynski - 04 June 14:28

Libya has fallen victim to poor planning and wooly thinking. But a document from the country's past could save its future.

David Cameron in 2013, shortly before committing to an In-Out referendum. Photo: Getty Images
The complacency of the Yes campaign may yet lead to a European exit
By Hugo Winn - 04 June 13:15

The In-Out referendum isn't a foregone conclusion - and complacy could win it for No.

Tim Farron addresses Liberal Democrat party conference. Photo: Getty Images
"God rest you, Charlie": Tim Farron's tribute to Charles Kennedy
By New Statesman - 04 June 9:01

The full text of Tim Farron's tribute to Charles Kennedy, the former Liberal Democrat leader, who died this week.

Jeremy Corbyn could be the Labour leadership candidate of the left. Photo: Flickr/
Could Jeremy Corbyn MP be Labour's leadership candidate of the left?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 03 June 19:05

A late alternative option has emerged for Labour's next leader: the ardent socialist, Jeremy Corbyn.

Unite boss Len McCluskey addresses the TUC. Photo: Getty Images
Are the trade unions really signing up 1,000 members a day to vote in the Labour leadership election?
By Stephen Bush - 03 June 17:42

You should never trust a round number in politics, and this one in particular looks fishy.

Ex-Lib Dem minister Jo Swinson: “When we went into coalition, I knew it might be impossible to win my seat”
By Anoosh Chakelian - 03 June 16:02

The coalition minister who lost her Scottish seat at the election reflects on her party’s defeat.

Struggling white working-class students are good news for Ukip. Photo: Phil Boorman
Failing schools provide Ukip with their supporters of tomorrow
By Tim Wigmore - 03 June 15:28

White working-class boys do worse than anyone else at school.

David Cameron and his childcare minister, Sam Gyimah, pictured in 2013. Photo: Getty Images
What next for childcare?
By Hollie Warren - 03 June 14:31

Now the bidding war is over, the government must turn its attention to what it will do for the under-5s.

The PM effortlessly controlled the first session of the new term.
PMQs review: Cameron in charge as he lashes Labour over "aspiration"
By George Eaton - 03 June 13:39

The PM effortlessly controlled the first session of the new term. 

The SNP secured 50 per cent of the vote but took 95 per cent of Scotland's seats. Photo: Getty Images
The time is right for Labour to embrace electoral reform
By Katie Ghose - 03 June 13:38

The electoral system has always been unfair and undemocratic - but now it could shut Labour out for generations. The time is right to embrace reform. 

Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, pictured earlier this year. Photo: Getty Images
Nick Clegg's tribute to Charles Kennedy
By New Statesman - 03 June 13:06

Our liberal political family has lost one of its most admired advocates. British politics has lost one of its best storytellers.  This House has lost one of its warmest wits and most loyal Parliamentarians. 

For sale signs line a street. Photo: Getty Images
Housing in London faces a crisis point: only the right Mayor of London can fix it
By Alan Strickland - 03 June 12:55

Housing is one of the biggest challenges we face in London. I'm backing Tessa Jowell as the politician who can do something about it.

Tessa Jowell waits stage-side at Labour Party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Can anyone stop Tessa Jowell?
By Stephen Bush - 03 June 8:00

Labour's disappointing showing in London has recalibrated that party's Mayoral race - and the winner is Tessa Jowell.

Striking gardeners demonstrate in central London. Photo: Getty
The Conservatives' attacks on trade unions are an attack on our most fundamental freedoms
By Owen Smith - 02 June 15:49

In seeking to undermine the Labour Party, the Tories are putting our most fundamental freedoms at risk.

Andy Burnham picks up 16 more nominations
By Stephen Bush - 02 June 13:56

Andy Burnham has secured a half-century of nominations, including his first from outside Wales and the North of England.

Cammell Laird apprentice Bryn Jones, aged 19, works on a grinding machine at the company's shipyard where he is learning traditional ship building skills. Photo: Getty Images
Apprenticeships come with a price tag that politicians won't tell you about
By Freddie Whittaker - 02 June 11:11

In theory, apprenticeships are great news. But they pose great danger to adult education in England.

Liz Kendall at the launch of Labour's health manifesto. Photo: Getty Images
“I didn't see any point in pretending”: profile of Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall
By Stephen Bush - 02 June 9:54

At the beginning of the year, even some of Labour's activists didn't know who she was. In just a few months, she could be the party's leader. But who exactly is Liz Kendall?

Ahead of Brussels visit, leadership candidate says he will "learn the lessons of the Scottish independence referendum" by not joining forces with the Tories.
Burnham promises to establish pro-EU Labour group separate from the Tories
By George Eaton - 02 June 0:00

Ahead of Brussels visit, leadership candidate says he will "learn the lessons of the Scottish independence referendum" by not joining forces with the Conservatives. 

The steelworks at Port Talbot. Photo: Getty Images
The government and Tata Steel are sleepwalking into the first steel strike in decades
By Stephen Kinnock - 01 June 17:14

The emphatic ballot in favour of industrial action at Tata Steel must serve as a wake-up call.

MPs consider alternatives after "break clause" is rejected by acting leader Harman.
Could Labour still make it easier to remove its leader?
By George Eaton - 01 June 15:16

MPs consider alternatives after "break clause" is rejected by acting leader Harman.