David Miliband on what Labour needs to do to win, Blue Labour and his future
By Marcus Hobley - 17 June 9:26

"It does feel as if I have been going around attending various versions of my own funeral". Some highlights from a recent evening with the former foreign secretary at the Danish embassy.

Cameron's political isolation on Syria grows
By George Eaton - 17 June 8:59

Labour, the Lib Dems, two-thirds of Tory MPs and, now, Boris Johnson are all opposed to arming the rebels. This is an argument Cameron cannot win.

Arming the Syrian rebels would be an act of historic folly
By John Baron MP - 14 June 20:56

Adding weapons to a civil war will only exacerbate Syria's suffering. The UK must not follow the American lead.

The majority of departments have agreed to further cuts.
Cable and Hammond fight on as Osborne swings his axe again
By George Eaton - 14 June 14:03

Six more departments agree to cuts but Defence, Business, Education, Work and Pensions and Transport are yet to settle.

Blinded by their eurosceptic ideology, the Tories are risking our national security
By Emma Reynolds - 14 June 10:39

Withdrawal from the European arrest warrant would turn the UK into a haven for foreign criminals.

Vince: minister for almost being on the left
By Rafael Behr - 13 June 16:02

The Business Secretary's review of "zero-hours" contracts is hardly distinguishable from Labour policy.

Free schools are the flawed heart of Gove's permanent revolution
By Dan Holden - 13 June 15:28

Too often founded where they are not needed, the schools are unaccountable to the public and perpetuate the inequalities they are meant to eradicate.

Why is Nigel Farage on Question Time so often?
By George Eaton - 13 June 13:29

After tonight, the UKIP leader will have appeared 14 times on the programme since 2009 - more than any other politician.

Why the public must get their share of RBS and Lloyds
By Stephen Williams MP - 13 June 12:07

My Lib Dem colleagues and I will not stand by and watch private investors reap all of the benefits once the banks are taken off intensive care.

Labour takes aim at Murdoch with new call for media ownership cap
By George Eaton - 13 June 8:31

Harriet Harman suggests a cap of 15 per cent on total ownership and calls for cross-party talks on the issue.

It's time to hold ministers to account for their waste of public money, starting with Gove
By John Healey - 12 June 16:02

The mass expansion of academies and free schools, regardless of need, shows the incompetence and extravagance of the Education Secretary.

PMQs review: Cameron profits from Labour's pensions move
By George Eaton - 12 June 13:18

The PM's framing of the party as soft on welfare but tough on pensioners is dangerous for Miliband and Balls.

Will Osborne listen to Boris and allow councils to borrow to build?
By George Eaton - 12 June 11:52

The Mayor's call for the removal of the cap on council borrowing for house building could be answered in the Spending Review.

How Labour can give real meaning to predistribution
By Patrick Diamond - 12 June 10:33

If the party is to offer a positive account of how it would govern in tough times, it must rigorously define future spending priorities.

Why Labour has not "surrendered" on public spending
By George Eaton - 12 June 9:10

Contrary to what conservatives suggest, Balls hasn't capitulated to Osborne. He supports stimulus now and investment after 2015.

Who will Labour's 2016 London mayoral candidate be?
By George Eaton - 11 June 14:43

David Lammy, Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott and the other runners and riders.

The man the right wants to replace Tim Yeo.
Why is the right silent over Peter Lilley's links to the oil industry?
By George Eaton - 11 June 10:56

The Tory MP the right wants to replace Tim Yeo as chair of the energy and climate change committee has been paid £70,500 by oil company Tethys Petroleum since 2012.

How Labour plans to exploit coalition divisions over childcare ratios
By George Eaton - 11 June 8:37

The party will table a Commons vote to enshrine the current ratios in law after confusion over the government's position.

Labour promises to end Home Office "hostage" of universities
By George Eaton - 10 June 17:19

Chuka Umunna says the party will consider adopting a target for growth in foreign student numbers.

What needs to be in Boris's London 2020 "vision"
By Ben Rogers - 10 June 16:35

The mayor finally needs to offer a compelling account of the city he wants London to be.

Jon Cruddas: speech on One Nation statecraft
By Jon Cruddas - 10 June 15:10

The head of Labour's policy review promises to "push power downwards and build a new kind of state which is based on our values of responsibility, reciprocity and relationships."

David Cameron: The Good European
By Rafael Behr - 10 June 14:02

The PM sees the EU as part of the solution, not the problem for the UK economy - a brave position to take as leader of today's Tory party.

George Galloway considering running for Mayor of London
By George Eaton - 10 June 12:05

The Respect MP appears to have already grown tired of Bradford.

How the government's immigration rules are tearing families apart
By Ruth Grove White - 10 June 9:31

The new minimum income threshold of £18,600 has separated thousands of British citizens from their partners and children.

The questions William Hague needs to answer about GCHQ and Prism
By George Eaton - 10 June 8:59

The Foreign Secretary claims law-abiding citizens have "nothing to fear" but MPs will want more reassurance than that.

Tories go on the attack after Balls says Labour's welfare cap would include pensions
By George Eaton - 09 June 13:05

The shadow chancellor's latest display of fiscal responsibility is a major political gamble.

Why the economic liberalism of the young might not doom the left
By James Bloodworth - 07 June 15:11

If there is a glimmer of hope, it is that it is the free market model embraced by the young is failing them. They could be won round.

Church leaders demand ministers apologise for "misrepresenting the poor"
By George Eaton - 07 June 10:22

An alliance of 11 churches condemns Iain Duncan Smith and Grant Shapps for their misuse of benefit statistics.

Cameron outpolled by the Tories: why the PM should fear Ashcroft's new poll
By George Eaton - 07 June 8:51

Expect Conservative rebels to seize on the finding as proof that the party could be performing better under an alternative leader.

If broadcasters want to give extremists a platform, they need to tell us why
By Sunder Katwala - 06 June 17:15

The cases of Anjem Choudary and the English Defence League show the need for broadcasters to explain the dilemmas clearly and how they seek to resolve them.