The Labour leader must use this moment to emancipate himself from the machine.
Miliband needs to go much further to restore confidence
By Rafael Behr - 05 July 11:06

The Labour leader must use this moment to emancipate himself from the machine that won him the job in the first place.

Miliband must not lose control of Labour's EU referendum policy
By George Eaton - 05 July 9:08

Shadow minister Ian Austin's dramatic call for an in/out referendum next year shows how party unity is fraying.

Labour and Unite at war: McCluskey accuses party HQ of a "stitch-up"
By George Eaton - 04 July 19:38

The Unite general secretary hits back after Labour announces the end of the "union join" scheme and suspends Unite candidate Karie Murphy from the party.

Will Watson's departure prevent a new round of Labour bloodletting?
By Rafael Behr - 04 July 16:54

The chatter in the party has been that Watson runs around the country making sure 'his' people get chosen as candidates.

After Watson: who will run Labour's general election campaign?
By George Eaton - 04 July 15:59

Douglas Alexander, who ran the 2010 campaign, is the frontrunner.

Tom Watson resigns as Labour's general election co-ordinator
By George Eaton - 04 July 15:09

Read the full text of the Labour MP's resignation letter to Ed Miliband.

Why Theresa May should back down on immigration bonds
By Jon Ashworth - 04 July 14:53

A £3,000 visitor bond will hurt the poorest families, while doing nothing to deal with illegal immigration.

Meet Mr Predistribution: Jacob Hacker
By George Eaton - 04 July 12:17

An interview with the Yale political scientist behind Ed Miliband's big idea.

Labour's culture of fixing goes far beyond the unions
By Ben Cobley - 04 July 10:46

Privileges and patronage are wired into the party's institutions. Falkirk is merely the latest example.

Labour MPs urge police to consider charging Murdoch after secret tape is released
By George Eaton - 04 July 9:01

Tom Watson and Chris Bryant suggest that Murdoch could be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Why McCluskey's statement of support is bad for Miliband
By George Eaton - 03 July 17:16

By choosing to answer the question "who runs Labour?" the Unite general secretary has suggested the answer was in doubt.

Activists shouldn't be dismissed as 'naïve' or 'immature' for expecting politici
The Lib Dems and Labour need to remember why their activists go into politics
By Richard Morris - 03 July 16:09

Activists shouldn't be dismissed as 'naïve' or 'immature' for expecting politicians to deliver on party policy.

PMQs review: Cameron lets his Unite obsession get the better of him
By George Eaton - 03 July 13:19

The Tories should not make the mistake of assuming that the public shares their instinctive loathing of the trade unions.

Labour and Unite: how The Times misled its readers
By George Eaton - 03 July 11:15

Of the 14 Labour constituency parties placed under "special measures", just one, Falkirk West, was due to concerns over activity by Unite.

Why Hunt's crackdown on "health tourism" could cost more than it saves
By George Eaton - 03 July 8:50

"Health tourism" currently costs £12m, just 0.01 per cent of the NHS budget. The new crackdown could cost far more.

The coalition's cuts to early years education are storing up problems for the future
By Imogen Parker - 02 July 16:32

By neglecting the early years we risk having to spend more playing catch-up later on.

Why the odds are still on a Labour victory in 2015
By George Eaton - 02 July 14:29

The electoral system, UKIP and the strength of the Labour brand all mean that the party is still likely to be the largest after the next election even after a fall in support.

New Statesman
How Labour can come to the rescue of Sure Start
By Michael Pavey - 02 July 12:07

The revolutionary power of early intervention is now comprehensively proven. Labour needs to put Sure Start at the heart of its plans to enthuse a weary electorate.

The problem with allowing schools to set their own term dates
By George Eaton - 02 July 8:46

What about parents with children at different schools? Gove and Twigg should recognise the need for local co-ordination.

Clegg is propping up Miliband's EU policy
By Rafael Behr - 01 July 16:13

Both pro-EU, both queasy about a referendum. Who will jump first?

Why a married couples' tax allowance could be deadly for the Tories
By George Eaton - 01 July 15:39

Clegg's argument that any spare money should be used to support "all working families" is a powerful dividing line with the Conservatives.

What happened to Cameron's monthly press conferences?
By George Eaton - 01 July 12:23

Nick Clegg started a new monthly press conference today but Cameron hasn't held one since July 2011.

After Osborne's spin, it's time to bring parliament and the public into the spending process
By Andrew Harrop - 01 July 10:22

Institutional reforms can reduce the extent to which short-term tactics trump long-term thinking.

Will MPs reclaim the power to vote against a pay rise?
By George Eaton - 01 July 9:00

Parliament's decision to give up the right to set MPs' pay looks unwise as IPSA prepares to recommend an increase of £10,000.

How much does "health tourism" actually cost the NHS?
By George Eaton - 30 June 12:45

Jeremy Hunt promises to end the "costly abuse" of the health service by foreigners, but just £12m or 0.01 per cent of the NHS budget was lost in 2011-12.

Both before and after the next election, Farage's party is likely to remain.
Danny Alexander says "UKIP will come and UKIP will go", he shouldn't be so sure
By George Eaton - 30 June 11:01

Both before and after the next election, Farage's party is likely to remain a significant presence.

Morsi has betrayed the Egyptian revolution
By Charlotte Allan - 29 June 13:24

Worsening safety for women, breakdowns in the rule of law, crackdowns on cultural activity and police abuse - the Arab Spring wasn't meant to end like this.

Chuka Umunna's speech on a better capitalism: full text
By Chuka Umunna - 29 June 11:40

"The global economy is changing – but that doesn’t mean we’re powerless to shape our destiny."

A member of the PCS union wears a George Osborne face mask.
How Osborne's shares for rights scheme has flopped
By George Eaton - 29 June 10:46

Only six companies have enquired about the Chancellor's plan to allow workers to give up employment rights in return for shares.

Osborne's new welfare measures are anything but fair
By Alison Garnham - 27 June 16:17

Regardless of the actual levels of need, the poor will lose out under the Chancellor's cap.