Donation figures show Labour remains overdependent on union funding
By George Eaton - 13 August 11:58

The trade unions accounted for 77 per cent (£2.4m) of all donations to the party, with just £354,692 received in individual donations.

Why Labour could win in 2015 even if the Tories are more trusted on the economy
By George Eaton - 13 August 8:47

In 1997, the Tories enjoyed a 22-point lead over Labour on "managing the economy" but with growth restored, voters decided it was safe to change captain.

Michael Gove and David Cameron are pulling up the ladder of opportunity
By Stephen Twigg - 12 August 18:52

By abolishing AS-levels, the government risks making university education the preserve of a rich elite.

Will Cameron ever make his long-promised speech on race?
By George Eaton - 12 August 15:10

In January, Tory strategists briefed that Cameron would distance the party from Enoch Powell's toxic legacy but we've heard nothing since.

Shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant.
Before and after: how Chris Bryant's speech on immigration was changed
By George Eaton - 12 August 11:57

The shadow immigration minister's disastrous morning is a lesson in the perils of pre-briefing.

Chris Bryant's speech on immigration: full text
By New Statesman - 12 August 10:42

The shadow immigration says "it’s not illegal for Agencies to target foreign workers. But is it fair for them to be so exclusive?"

Shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant.
Labour's woes deepen after Chris Bryant's car crash performance on Today
By George Eaton - 12 August 9:13

Shadow immigration minister forced to backtrack on criticisms of Tesco and Next over use of foreign workers.

An open letter to Grant Shapps: will you suspend Traditional Britain from the Conservative Party?
By Jon Ashworth - 10 August 16:00

Just as Iain Duncan Smith suspended links with the Monday Club in 2001, so David Cameron must now take action against the far-right group.

If Clegg wants to keep tuition fees he needs to rename them
By Richard Morris - 26 July 15:29

The Lib Dems (and students) would immediately feel better if tuition fees were renamed as a 'capped graduate tax'.

Why won't Labour publish the Falkirk report?
By George Eaton - 26 July 12:44

Labour figures believe the party fears the evidence against Unite is embarrassingly thin.

How Osborne disguised the truth about living standards
By George Eaton - 26 July 9:13

The Chancellor boasts in his Times piece that disposable incomes have risen but in the first quarter of this year they fell at the fastest rate since 1987.

Lib Dem money woes grow as party membership hits new low
By George Eaton - 25 July 16:05

Party membership has fallen by 35% since 2010 to 42,501, resulting in a deficit of £411,000.

The door to No10
A memorable conversation
By Rafael Behr - 25 July 13:11

What really* happened when Crosby and Cameron talked.

Five things George Osborne doesn't want you to know about the economy
By George Eaton - 25 July 12:45

Including, this is still the slowest recovery for 100 years, the economy is 3.3% smaller and unemployment hasn't fallen for six months.

The myth of the trade union "block vote"
By George Eaton - 25 July 8:54

The block vote was abolished for Labour leadership elections 20 years ago. So why do David Cameron and the conservative press claim it still exists?

By giving a platform to climate change sceptics, the BBC is misleading the public
By Bob Ward - 24 July 16:09

The corporation is sacrificing accuracy by being impartial between facts and fictions.

McCluskey's warning to Miliband: if you want Unite's money, change your policies
By George Eaton - 24 July 14:31

The Unite general secretary signalled that he would no longer tolerate those who "welcome our money but don't want our policy input".

Westminster’s short-sighted obsessions will not be what decides the next election
By Rafael Behr - 24 July 13:16

The Tories are starting to notice Labour’s higher levels of local organisation.

Ed Miliband's trade union reforms are essential to building a fairer society
By Oona King - 24 July 10:59

This isn't a diversion about process. Participative democracy is a key weapon in fighting poverty.

Memo to Cameron: immigrants aren't a "constant drain" on the UK - they're the reverse
By George Eaton - 24 July 9:15

The truth is that migrants contribute far more in taxes than they receive in benefits and services.

But why didn't the PM answer himself?
Crosby denies ever discussing tobacco policy with Cameron
By George Eaton - 23 July 14:35

But why didn't the PM answer himself?

The government's work programme doesn't look well administered
By Alex Hern - 23 July 13:52

An underspend isn't always good news.

Both parties’ interests lie in the Tories'  sticking around.
Why Labour and the Lib Dems should be lining up to praise Lynton Crosby
By Nick Tyrone - 23 July 13:01

Both parties’ interests lie in the Conservatives' campaign strategist sticking around. He can't win over the liberal voters the Tories need for victory.

Labour's shrinking poll lead increases party jitters
By George Eaton - 23 July 11:25

Having previously enjoyed a double-digit advantage over the Tories, the party's lead has been reduced to single figures, far below the level needed to be confident of victory.

Boost for Miliband: poll shows 170,000 Unite members would opt-in to join Labour
By George Eaton - 23 July 7:30

A survey by Lord Ashcroft shows 12% of the trade union's 1.42 million members would affiliate themselves to Labour under the new system but also that they oppose large donations to the party.

Miliband announces Special Conference to approve Labour-trade union reforms
By George Eaton - 22 July 18:00

In an echo of Blair's revision of Clause IV, the Labour leader announces that a Special Conference will be held next spring to approve this "historic reform of Labour’s constitution".

How Labour would solve the youth unemployment crisis
By Liam Byrne and Stephen Twigg - 22 July 16:30

The government's approach has utterly failed. We need a revolution in the way businesses, ministers and schools work together to get young people into work.

Clegg's Youth Contract flops as just 4,690 jobs are delivered
By George Eaton - 22 July 12:46

The wage subsidy scheme that Clegg promised would create 160,000 jobs delivered just 2.6% of that total in its first year.

10 questions about Cameron’s 'war on porn'
By Paul Bernal - 22 July 10:38

Including, who decides what counts as 'pornography', what happens when people 'opt-in' and what about page 3?

Balls's smart new dividing line with Osborne: a recovery for the few or one for the many?
By George Eaton - 22 July 9:09

With the return of the economy to growth, the shadow chancellor seeks to shift the terms of the debate in Labour's favour.