The government rides to the rescue of the Big Six on the backs of the fuel poor
By Will Straw - 28 November 17:55

The planned cuts to the Energy Company Obligation will undermine the fight against fuel poverty.

Osborne must choose between austerity and giveaways
By Rafael Behr - 28 November 17:26

If the Chancellor starts doling out goodies he risks undercutting the Tory message of long-term discipline.

Labour must not "shrink the offer" in 2014
By Owen Smith - 28 November 15:44

Those urging the party to avoid radical talk of reforming capitalism and remaking society fail to understand the deep-rooted wish for change.

The Scottish independence White Paper passed the political test
By James Maxwell - 28 November 14:01

The whole document was designed to highlight the governance-focused nature of modern Scottish nationalism - and largely succeeded in doing so.

Austerity is recreating Disraeli’s 'two nations'
By John Low - 28 November 12:30

New research shows the cuts are biting deepest in the poorest areas in the north and Scotland, with worse to come.

Why the state should pay for children in care to go to boarding school
By Adam Afriyie - 28 November 11:38

Boarding schools would provide the stability and structure that the most disadvantaged so desperately need.

Boris's championing of inequality is a recipe for destroying social mobility
By George Eaton - 28 November 9:11

The mayor presented social mobility as compensation for inequality but it's the gap between the rich and poor that erodes opportunity.

Labour shows how it plans to win the ground war
By George Eaton - 27 November 17:28

The party reveals that it has recruited over 100 full-time organisers in key target seats, more than at any time in the 1997 election campaign.

The Tories remain in denial about the living standards crisis
By Catherine McKinnell - 27 November 15:05

Next week’s Autumn Statement provides Cameron and Osborne with the perfect opportunity to act - but will it be more of the same for the privileged few?

PMQ review: Cameron wriggles free from Miliband's intellectual attack
By George Eaton - 27 November 13:31

The Labour leader accused the Tories of an "intellectual collapse" after their U-turn on payday loans but as Cameron knows, the wise Conservative travels light.

Why the "immigration debate" is getting us nowhere
By Matthew Goodwin - 27 November 11:35

The more we stoke public anger and distrust on immigration, the more we threaten the stability of our political system in general.

It was left to EU Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor.
Labour and the Lib Dems fail to challenge the myth of "benefit tourism"
By George Eaton - 27 November 10:19

It was left to EU Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor to point out that "the British public has not been told all the truth".

The Scottish independence white paper is a piece of fantasy economics
By Graeme Cooke and Guy Lodge - 26 November 16:19

Alex Salmond's promise of lower taxes and higher spending is based on little more than wishful thinking.

The Radical Independence Campaign could win over the "missing million"
By Niki Seth-Smith - 26 November 15:24

The movement's message of "Scotland for the people" offers the best chance of winning over those alienated from politics.

Salmond's only hope of victory is a Tory recovery
By George Eaton - 26 November 13:43

To triumph against the odds, the Yes campaign needs fear of a Conservative government and permanent austerity to push voters towards independence.

Osborne in tuxedo
George Osborne and the risky politics of chutzpah
By Rafael Behr - 26 November 7:15

The Chancellor is right that people don't demand ideological consistency but they do like politicians to believe in something.

Violence against women doesn’t happen in a vacuum
By Gavin Shuker - 25 November 17:40

The government's predilection for prioritising effect over cause has consequences - we must focus on prevention as well as cure.

Don't worry, Ed, the political nerds are having the last laugh
By Kevin Meagher - 25 November 16:41

Across the world, unflashy candidates are triumphing against their allegedly charismatic counterparts.

Only radical reform can restore confidence in policing
By Rick Muir - 25 November 13:51

The Independent Police Commission sets out a bold vision to deliver fair and effective policing in straitened times.

Why the student loan sell-off is a terrible deal for taxpayers
By George Eaton - 25 November 12:27

For the sake of short-term deficit reduction, the government is giving up a long-term asset.

Pakistan warns Grieve's "divisive" remarks may damage bilateral relations
By Imran Khan - 25 November 10:43

The country's High Commission attacks the Attorney General's comments on ethnic "corruption".

Osborne echoes Miliband as he calls for government to set "the rules" of the market
By George Eaton - 25 November 9:05

The Chancellor's announcement of a cap on payday loan charges undermines the coalition's attack on the Labour leader's "Marxist universe".

Ed Miliband.
Je ne regrette rien: Ed Miliband's definitive statement on Desert Island Discs
By Philip Maughan - 24 November 12:18

The Labour leader spoke openly to Kirsty Young about his relationship with his brother and the "the only time" he ever prayed.

Dominic Grieve demonises British Pakistanis – we must all fight back
By Imran Khan - 24 November 10:11

The Tories have relentlessly caricatured Britain’s Pakistani community as Islamist extremists, child abusers and slave masters, says former Conservative councillor Imran Khan.

The Tories' Co-Op attacks have the whiff of desperation
By George Eaton - 22 November 16:33

With Labour's poll lead growing, the Tories are determined for something to knock Miliband off course. But the Co-Op affair won't be it.

Lib Dem MP says Labour has "already won" - here's why he's probably right
By George Eaton - 22 November 13:04

Former defence minister Nick Harvey rightly points to the mass defection of Lib Dem voters to Labour as the key point in Miliband's favour.

The failure of Help to Buy 1: homes aren't being built where they're most needed
By Nida Broughton - 22 November 11:05

London is set to see the highest growth in households, but only around 5% of new builds were in this area.

Jowell is the candidate to beat in Labour's London mayoral race
By George Eaton - 22 November 8:59

The frontrunner announces she will stand down as an MP at the next election just days before debating Adonis, Abbott, Khan and Lammy.

Labour's welfare wars show a left hostile to thinking aloud
By Stephen Bush - 21 November 16:45

The success of the next Labour government is dependent on the left learning to read something before developing an opinion on it.

If the coalition wants to reduce NEETs, it should bring back EMA
By James Mills - 21 November 15:21

Since the Education Maintenance Allowance was abolished, full-time attendance for 16-18-year-olds has fallen by 3.8 per cent.