A plan to end NEETs through reform, not cuts
By Graeme Cooke - 20 November 10:16

We should shift spending over time from paying benefits to young people because they haven’t got skills and work - and instead investing in them so they do.

What Labour is really proposing for under-25s on benefits
By George Eaton - 20 November 8:49

The party isn't planning to "scrap benefits for under-25s". It's planning to guarantee them work or training.

Chuka Umunna's speech on small businesses: full text
By Chuka Umunna - 19 November 17:11

"We are the party of aspiration on the side of those working hard to succeed."

Outsourcing scandals show why we need a new model of public service reform
By Rick Muir - 19 November 16:47

To deal with complex problems, we need a complete reconfiguration of public services, with a shift from the 'delivery state' to the 'relational state'.

In this week's New Statesman | The New Exodus
By New Statesman - 13 November 16:51

Plus: Chris Patten downplays the BBC pay-off scandal and slams Grant Shapps for "exceptionally ill-judged" licence fee attack.

The pre-election pledges that the Tories are trying to wipe from the internet
By George Eaton - 13 November 13:59

"No frontline cuts", "no top-down NHS reorganisations", "no VAT rise" - why the Conservatives are trying to erase all pre-May 2010 speeches and press releases from the internet.

The Tories attempt to delete all pre-2010 speeches from the internet
By George Eaton - 13 November 12:25

It turns out that Cameron isn't the "most transparent" leader ever after all.

Unemployment falls but the living standards crisis continues
By George Eaton - 13 November 10:25

Regular pay rose by just 0.8% in the most recent quarter, the lowest figure on record, and a real-terms cut of 1.4%.

Should pre-election opinion polls be banned? A third of MPs think so
By George Eaton - 13 November 8:35

30 per cent of MPs support a ban on polling for a "defined period" before general elections, with backing for the proposal strongest among Labour.

Tim Farron to vote against the bedroom tax tonight
By George Eaton - 12 November 16:10

A source close to the Lib Dem president says he will vote against the government after party members "expressed their will very strongly against the Bedroom Tax".

Gove contradicts Cameron and says Major was "right" on class
By George Eaton - 12 November 14:44

The PM's spokesman said "what counts is not where you come from but where you are going", but Gove says: "He's right. It's an inescapable fact."

Why all MPs should vote against the indefensible bedroom tax
By Rachel Reeves - 12 November 12:30

The punitive penalty presents appalling dilemmas for vulnerable families. Ministers should finally accept that they have lost the argument.

Lib Dem MP Andrew George to vote against the bedroom tax - how many others will?
By George Eaton - 12 November 11:40

The rebel Lib Dem says the policy is "Dickensian in its social divisiveness" and "victimises the most marginalised".

The energy companies can't avoid the blame for rising prices
By Will Straw - 12 November 10:27

While shifting the debate towards green levies, the Big Six have remained much quieter about their healthy profits.

Cameron's declaration that the cuts are permanent reveals the Tories' true agenda
By George Eaton - 12 November 8:52

The PM's vision of a permanently "leaner" state is a grim prospect for those reliant on public services and the welfare state to maintain an adequate standard of living.

Why Major's call for 5% interest rates is economic madness
By George Eaton - 11 November 17:10

A significant rise in rates by 2017 would leave more than a million households spending more than half of their income on debt repayment.

The next challenge for Tristram Hunt: what kind of curriculum does Labour want?
By Dan Holden - 11 November 15:37

The shadow education secretary must learn from Gove's mistakes and outline a curriculum that goes beyond memorisation and teaching to exams.

The question the Tories still won't answer about Help to Buy
By George Eaton - 11 November 13:52

Why does a scheme supposedly designed to help first-time buyers offer taxpayer-backed mortgages for properties worth up to £600,000?

Just how much media coverage does UKIP get?
By Matthew Goodwin and Robert Ford - 11 November 11:06

With 25 appearances by Nigel Farage on Question Time and more than 23,000 press mentions, UKIP is attracting historically unprecedented levels of coverage for a minor party.

Major doesn't name the real culprits behind the fall in social mobility
By George Eaton - 11 November 9:03

The distribution of power that the former PM laments was created by the surge in inequality under the Conservatives in the 1980s.

The case for a Labour EU referendum pledge is becoming ever weaker
By George Eaton - 08 November 16:13

Promising an in/out vote would shift the debate back onto Tory territory and allow Cameron to claim that Miliband is dancing to his tune.

To win in 2015, Labour must reject Conservative austerity
By Cat Smith - 08 November 12:49

Arguing that the party will be "tougher than the Tories" risks letting the Conservatives back into the game.

Watch: how Tory minister Anna Soubry stood up to Farage's immigration scaremongering
By George Eaton - 08 November 10:08

Rather than pandering to the UKIP leader, Soubry declared on Question Time: "You do not talk facts, you talk prejudice."

The Tories' EU games are undermining their "grown-up" economic message
By George Eaton - 08 November 9:05

The threat by Nissan to withdraw from Britain if the UK leaves the EU shows how the Tories' euroscepticism pulls against their emphasis on stability.

Jon Cruddas's George Lansbury memorial lecture: full text
By Jon Cruddas - 07 November 22:32

"Labour has too often renounced the transformative in favour of the transactional."

The housing crisis is worse than any of the parties are prepared to admit
By George Eaton - 07 November 17:00

Even a million new homes over five years won't be enough. The UK needs 1.5 million just to meet need.

The UK and Russia: how to end the paralysis
By Natalie Cox - 07 November 15:24

Rather than approaching our relationship with Russia from a humanitarian or social perspective, we should move past this web of irritants and seek a deeper arrangement.

Labour aims to turn the NHS crisis into Cameron's tuition fees moment
By George Eaton - 07 November 12:51

The party's new attack video shows how it will maximise the damage for the PM by reminding voters how he promised in 2010 to protect the health service.

Don’t bully those who wish to commemorate the war dead in their own way
By James Bloodworth - 07 November 11:17

All too often events aimed at remembering the victims casually morph into uncritical reverence of the First World War.

How is Iain Duncan Smith still in his job?
By George Eaton - 07 November 9:14

If the doctrine of ministerial responsibility means anything, the Work and Pensions Secretary should have resigned over the failure of Universal Credit long ago.