Harriet Harman hits out at the left's "politically correct" anti-feminist arguments
By Stephen Bush - 24 March 11:08

Harriet Harman on the pink bus, Labour's diversity problem, and whether or not feminism is too middle-class nowadays.

Cameron's loose lips won't cost the Tories the election - but his silence just might
By Stephen Bush - 24 March 10:06

David Cameron is under fire for revealing he won't stand for a third term. But it isn't even his biggest mistake this month.

Who is that in David Cameron's kitchen?
By Media Mole - 24 March 8:00

Forget the Tory leadership race. There's a ghost in the Cameron kitchen!

Labour will not raise VAT - Balls makes election pledge
By George Eaton - 23 March 22:00

Shadow chancellor opens new dividing line with the Tories by vowing to avoid raising "the tax that hits everyone". 

The Prime Minister has turned himself into a lame duck and all but invited Tory MPs to oust him.
Cameron's pledge not to serve a third term as PM is one of his biggest errors
By George Eaton - 23 March 18:42

The Prime Minister has taken voters for granted and invited Tory MPs to oust him. 

Jeremy Paxman loves David Cameron - but Team Miliband aren't worried
By Stephen Bush - 23 March 18:27

Jeremy Paxman's latest comments about the state of British politics will chill Labour partisans - but Team Miliband aren't worried.

5 things we learned from the Chancellors' debate
By Stephen Bush - 23 March 16:51

Labour are still haunted by the past, the Conservatives have no plan for housing in the forseeable future, and the first leaders' debates looks likely to be a snoozefest.

The Tories want to give away houses to make sure we have enough houses
By Jonn Elledge - 23 March 15:52

Black is white. War is peace. Madness is sanity.

Tories unveil a poster of Ed Miliband dancing to Alex Salmond "calling the tune"
By Anoosh Chakelian - 23 March 14:41

The Conservatives are releasing a poster warning against SNP influence over Labour.

Tories are pushing the Prime Minister to consider how he could work with Salmond's party in a hung parliament.
Will Cameron rule out a deal with the SNP?
By George Eaton - 23 March 12:38

Tories are pushing the Prime Minister to consider how he could work with Salmond's party in a hung parliament. 

We can only stand up to Russian propaganda by being true to ourselves
By David Clark - 23 March 11:33

Russian attempts to blame the West or Ukrainian fascists for the crisis in Ukraine are nonsense, but if we don't stay true to our values, we'll hand the Kremlin another PR victory.

Exclusive: Labour MP says the public think Ed Miliband is aloof and more of a toff than Cameron
By Ashley Cowburn - 23 March 9:00

Rochdale Labour MP, Simon Danczuk, said that Labour's north London elite view of the world doesn't play in Rochdale, Rotherham, Rugby - or anywhere else begining with an "r" outside the M25.

The British Left is out of ideas
By Max Harris - 23 March 8:22

The picture at two recent conferences was the same: despair, anger, and a lack of ideas. 

Climbdown for Cameron but disappointment for Miliband as agreement reached over debates
By Stephen Bush - 21 March 15:49

The broadcasters have reached an accord over the debates, but who's the winner here?

Finally, our party leaders have come to an agreement on the televised election debates
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 March 15:46

The broadcasters and party leaders have at last agreed to a schedule and format for the TV debates.

The government blocks a leading prison reform campaigner from visiting two G4S prisons
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 March 15:27

Howard League's Frances Crook accuses the Prison Service of being "immature and petulant" for cancelling her visits to privately run prisons.

The Deputy PM describes his probable successor as "an incredibly gifted politician".
Clegg's praise for Farron shows he knows he's the next Lib Dem leader
By George Eaton - 20 March 15:03

The Deputy PM describes his probable successor as "an incredibly gifted politician". 

Iain Duncan Smith's universal credit: bad for landlords, worse for tenants
By Alan Ward - 20 March 13:43

Iain Duncan Smith's universal credit is bad news for tenants and landlords alike – and I should know.

Britain's climate sceptics' dishonest tactics need to stop
By Bob Ward - 20 March 12:55

Climate sceptics are turning to increasingly tricky ruses to hide their motives.

Labour unveil their first poster of the election campaign
By Stephen Bush - 20 March 11:00

Labour have unveiled their first poster of the general election campaign.

Politicians don’t know what works, so we need to experiment
By Jonathan Breckon - 20 March 10:51

Politicians have feet of clay, too, and policies don't always work like they should. We need a political culture that allows experimentation - and the humility to accept when we get things wrong, too.

It's regional inequality, stupid
By Diana Johnson - 20 March 8:30

Inequality within the United Kingdom is growing - not just between people, but its constituent parts. The next government will have to do more to turn the tide.

What happened when Dan Jarvis faced down a mugger?
By Stephen Bush - 19 March 16:24

He has certain skills.

Ed Balls's less stringent plans mean a dramatic gap with the Tories.
Labour could end cuts next year and still meet deficit targets, says IFS
By George Eaton - 19 March 15:37

Ed Balls's less stringent plans mean a dramatic gap with the Tories.  

It is shameful that Labour buys into the rhetoric that people who need welfare are scum
By Frances Ryan - 19 March 14:02

The Labour party is missing the opportunity to stand up proudly for low-paid workers and those who rely on state support.

Without a mission of public sector reform, Osborne's longterm economic plan is meaningless
By Andrew Haldenby - 19 March 12:58

Only with reform can the public sector survive the cuts that are to come.

The scariest bit of the budget — the one graph you need to know
By May2015 - 19 March 12:35

Today's headlines hide the most important, and least reassuring, fact in yesterday’s Budget.

The Chancellor has vowed to cut £12bn from welfare - but he's announced just £3bn of savings.
What are the welfare cuts Osborne is hiding until after the election?
By George Eaton - 19 March 12:27

The Chancellor has vowed to cut £12bn from welfare - but he's announced just £3bn of savings. 

Even Nick Clegg couldn't bear to stay to the end of Danny Alexander's "alternative budget"
By Stephen Bush - 19 March 12:14

Danny Alexander staged an alternative budget in the House of Commons. It quickly turned into a farce.