Twitter master Sturgeon. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
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Nicola Sturgeon runs her own Twitter. She's really great at it

“AARGH...why can't you just use Twitter for automated retweets like a normal politician?”

The SNP leader's recent response to the Guardian’s Libby Brooks, who was bemoaning the difficulty in fitting in toilet breaks between the First Minister’s interviews, showed remarkable Twitter dexterity. Brooks told her Twitter followers how much she looking forward to taking a quick, um, break from her general election schedule in between covering Nicola Sturgeon's various engagements - when the politician responded:

 As we close in on polling day, this mole would like to remind all journalists that politicians can - and do! - read what they say online.

I'm a mole, innit.

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The NS Podcast #175: Conference Special

The New Statesman podcast.

Helen and Stephen fight through colds to bring you their first thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn's conference performance. How has the party responded to his re-election? What's the relationship with Welsh Labour? And who made this year's stand-out speeches?

(Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush)     

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