The Returning Officer: Derby

Group Captain Clifford Wilcock was Labour MP for Derby (1945-50) and Derby North (1950-62). He was a member of the RFC and RAF in the First World War, having already been wounded at Ypres, and was awarded the Air Force Cross.

Philip Noel-Baker, who had served with the Friends’ Ambulance Unit, won Derby for Labour in a 1936 by-election, defeating National Labour’s Archibald Church. Church had been Labour MP for Leyton East (1923-24) and Wandsworth Central (1929-31).

In the First World War, Church had served with the Royal Artillery before joining the British forces that intervened in Russia’s civil
war at Murmansk.

This article first appeared in the 10 April 2014 issue of the New Statesman, Tech Issue

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Word of the week: Michellania

Each week The Staggers will pick a new word to describe our uncharted political and socioeconomic territory. 

After brash Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump paraded his family at the national convention, the word of the week is:

Michellania (n)

A speech made of words and phrases gathered from different sources, such as Michelle Obama speeches and Rick Astley lyrics.


"I listened hard, but all I heard was michellania."

"Can you really tell the difference between all this michellania?"

"This michellania - you couldn't make it up."

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