Poem - Human Rights

<em>(Osaka scientists are to implant a genetically modified pig's heart in a baboon, to improve huma

I'm the heart of a hen in the breast of a duck,

A calf-liver stuck in a sheep,

The brain of a pea in the shell of a bean,

A bun from Dundee sold in old Aberdeen,

A squawk lying deep in a cheep.

I'm a modified egg on an apricot tree,

A tooth-fairy grown in a jaw,

A scalpel inside a geometry set,

A chiropodist crossed with a vole and a vet,

And I'm Straw in the craw of the law.

There's a torturer trapped in a diplomat's hat,

With a rat's arse which hides in his face;

There's a cancerous lump in the sump of my throat

The bile of a weasel transplanted to stoat.

This should help with the whole human race.

This article first appeared in the 04 December 1998 issue of the New Statesman, Just get out and have fun!