What next for UK Banking?

UK Banking

What Next For UK Banking?

On Monday, 14 December, the New Statesman brought together representatives of the three main political parties for a timely discussion about the future of UK banking.

Chaired by Alex Brummer, the Question Time-type event enabled an audience representing key stakeholders to explore the challenges created by the Banking crisis and debate how government might bring about a more sustainable banking sector. Indeed, can policy measures instigate reform without impeding economic growth and the competitiveness of the UK?

The discussion touched on a wide range of themes reflecting the concerns and interests of the audience. The purpose of the event was to assess the importance of a dynamic banking sector and its merits as a major contributor to the UK's status as a world-class, balanced and growing economy and one which competes successfully on a global level. The discussion should not stop there - the New Statesman invites the panellists, participants and its readers to ask questions and continue the debate here.

The New Statesman is grateful for the enthusiasm and support of Barclays, without which this event would not be possible.

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