Political Studies Guide 2012

Political Studies Guide 2012<br />

Political Studies Guide 2012

The near collapse of the euro, massive public spending cuts, protests, strikes, the scandals involving the media. Studying politics now is probably more exciting than ever.

As the world changes at rapid pace, people need to be able to understand and analyse developments. Which politicians and policies have the most impact on our lives? What are the strengths and limitations of democracy? How are rules and regulations determined? Whether readers want a policy role within the civil service, to campaign for change through a position at an NGO or have aspirations to be
prime minister, a political studies course can set them on the right path.

This guide aims to point students in the right direction. It starts by setting the scene in British politics today, followed by insights into the way the system works and what a career in politics might entail. Finally, we offer a comprehensive listings guide to help prospective students find the right course for them.

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