Political Studies Guide 2010

Political Studies Guide 2010<br />

Political Studies Guide 2010

The word “crisis” is used excessively in politics. Yet, in the case of parliament in general and the House of Commons in particular, it would not be misapplied right now.

The eminent thinker Slavoj Žižek tells Jonathan Derbyshire why he rejects mainstream political theory, why he supports Barack Obama, and why we need Marx more than ever

In earlier decades, the atmosphere in the universities was optimistic, heady even, stimulated by close ties with Westminster and Whitehall. Now that close relationship seems to have gone. What went wrong, and who is to blame?

Plus, our handy listings for anyone thinking about studying for a degree in political science or a related discipline. Here you will find not only contact details for the relevant departments throughout Britain and Ireland, but also an indication of the subject and other strengths of each department.

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