International Development

International Development<br />

International Development

More than one billion people in the world
live on less than $1.25 a day. The Department for International Development is currently working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the international
targets agreed by the United Nations to halve world poverty by 2015. However, progress towards these goals is slow and has been somewhat disappointing.

The UN summit currently taking place in Cancun, Mexico is key to international negotiations for a global climate change deal. The world’s poorest people will be hit first and hit hardest by climate change which means progress on a climate deal is crucial to tackling global poverty. Some of the most successful international development projects are those that combine helping local people overcome poverty with demanding their rights and creating sustainable solutions.

But there are few greater challenges to tackling poverty and promoting human rights than those found in countries experiencing or recovering from conflict. Here, war zones are complex and dangerous; peace is fragile and vulnerable.

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