Clean Energy

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Clean Energy Investment

As the world heats up and the effects of climate change become increasingly clear, governments have been given little choice but to introduce policies to reduce carbon emissions. The clean energy sector is to play a key role in this, and as such there has been an increased interest in the companies and technologies that support this industry.

Providing access to clean energy also stimulates economic development in less developed nations, offering those who choose to invest in this area with the potential to achieve more than just financial returns. Yet despite this enthusiasm, clean energy funds have not always performed well. Shaken by fluctuations in the stock market, impacted upon by developments in China and the natural gas industry, and affected by changes in government policy and regulation – sometimes investors may wonder if just the slightest knock will send this sector tumbling.

Does this mean things can only get better? This financial guide does not pretend to have all the answers. It simply aims to make some sense of clean energy investments for the benefit of our readers. As without a crystal ball, investors are, as always, at the mercy of the markets.

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